10 of the Spookiest Roads in America

Roads that are said to be haunted can be found across the country.
Roads that are said to be haunted can be found across the country.

Who does not enjoy a cruise down a smooth road with dips and turns, surrounded by surreal scenery? What if those trees and the beautiful scenery on the sides of the road held something more than the beauty they display? Something more sinister that would send chills down your spine? You might be thinking that only homes, churches, or abandoned buildings can be haunted. But if common folklore is any indication, spirits like to hang out at a place of their choice. If you are daring enough to experience for yourself some of the most haunted, possessed, and terrifying roads in America, buckle up and hit these ten spookiest roads.

10. Clinton Road, New Jersey

Clinton Road is every driver’s nightmare. This road on West Milford has no shortage of terrifying tales that will make you uncomfortable. According to local folklore, Clinton Road is full of ghosts and witches. The legend continues to state that as you drive along the road, you are likely to encounter phantom headlights without knowing where they come from. The headlights will follow you dangerously close before disappearing into thin air. Then there is the Ghost Boy Bridge where legends say that if you toss a coin into the water a boy will throw it back to you. Then there are the ruins of Cross Castle where satanic activities are said to take place. Apparently, there are also terrifying wild animals roaming the woods.

9. Boy Scout Lane, Wisconsin

If you want to take a leisurely drive along the unpaved road through the wooden acreage of Wisconsin, then Boy Scout Lane is the perfect road for you. However, you should be warned that the road is one of the creepiest you will ever drive on. A legend has it that in the 1950s and 1960s, a group of Boy Scouts went camping into these woods, never to be seen again. There are several theories surrounding their death, every one just as terrifying as the last. Some say they starved to death while other say they burned to death when they dropped their lantern. The third theory is that they were killed by their scoutmaster. Those who have driven along Boy Scout Lane have reported hearing footsteps struggling to get out of the woods. Some have even seen red lights shining as if the boys are struggling to get out of the woods.

8. Devil's Washbowl, Vermont

The Devil's Washbowl is haunted by a small boy called “the Pig Man.” The legend has it that Sam went missing at the age of 17 in 1951 on the eve of Halloween. He had gone out for a night of mischief and never came back. It is said that Sam became possessed by an evil spirit that night. He is said to slaughter pigs and eat their flesh but hollow out the pig’s head and wear it over his. Some people claim that Sam is half man and half pig. Motorists passing through Devil’s Washbowl have reportedly sighted the Pigman crossing the road several times, causing panic and sometimes accidents on the road.

7. Shades of Death Road, New Jersey

Shades of Death Road in New Jersey must be among the spookiest roads in the world. The seven-mile long road runs along the Jenny Jump State Forest and harbors terror that no driver would want to ever have to experience. The road was originally known as just “The Shades” but as more murder took place “Death” was added to the name. The Ghost Lake, located on the road, also has spooky stories involving supernatural activities. I

6. Prospector's Road, California

Prospector's Road is a small road that twists and turns for about three miles through the hilly part of the Gold Country. Most of the drivers take the main Marshal Road but if you are daring enough you can take the Prospector's Road. However, you are likely to run into some ghosts who are said to be responsible for some of the accidents experienced. With the gold discovery in the 1800s, several miners lost their lives with one of the miners murdered by his fellow miners when he bragged of having much gold. His ghost continues to haunt road users, appearing before hikers. He whispers to them “get off my claim” as if he is defending his gold.

5. Dead Man's Curve, Ohio

Dead Man's Curve is sandwiched between two freeways. It is considered by many as the most haunted road in the world. You may be careful while driving on this road as it has a sharp turn with a high crash rate. Some scary stories have been told about Dead Man's Curve, one of which claims that some teens were involved in a fatal accident in the 1960s after they were hit by a speeding car. Some people claim to have seen their car along with the one that hit it floating in the air. Other stories claim of faceless hitchhikers who fell off the road over 100 years ago.

4. Highway 666, Southwestern USA

Highway 666 has been dubbed a highway to hell. It is characterized by an unexplained phenomenon which has occurred throughout history. As you drive along this highway, you will spot majestic sceneries including long cactus plants and beautiful rocks. However, do not be fooled by such, Highway 666 is full of unpleasant experiences. Located at the “Four Corners,” it is one of the most haunted places in America. There have been a high number of unusual fatalities along this highway. One of the common stories is that of a black sedan that charges out in the dark. Motorists are often filled with fear as the sedan whizzes past them. The road is also characterized by the “Hounds of Hell” that is said to maul passengers. Other reported figures include evil spirits on a semi truck, a skinwalker, and a pale spirit

3. Archer Avenue, Illinois

Archer Avenue is not only a haunted road but also the most haunted place in Chicago. The road between James-Sag Church and Resurrection Cemetery weaves its way through forests, lakes, and cemeteries each with its own terrifying tale. Archer Avenue is home to some restless spirits. But the scariest of the stories is that of Resurrection Mary. The Legend goes that one night Mary was out dancing with the boyfriend. The two got into an argument before Mary left for home in the cold. Along the road, she was hit by a driver who took off leaving her for dead. She was later buried in the Resurrection Cemetery. She hitchhikes and remains silent but would ask to be let out at the cemetery then disappears. Phantom ghosts have also been reported in the area.

2. Old Pali Road, Hawaii

Hawaii Island is full of fascinating history but also countless ghosts. While you will find several haunted hikes across the island, there is no hike spookier than the abandoned Old Peli Road. On this road, ghost stories outnumber the hikers found on the trail. The story has it that a number of soldiers were pushed over the lookout to their untimely death during the campaign to unify the island. There have been reports of their ghosts wandering the trail in the dark. If you are a pork lover, you may be in for trouble driving on this road. Your car will stop at some point on the road and refuse to move, an old woman with a dog will then appear. For you to continue with the journey, you must feed the pork to the dog.

1. Route 2A, Maine

If you are fond of picking up hitchhikers, you may want to change your mind as you drive along Route 2A in Haynesville. The road has been a death trap for many years, especially during winter. The road has piled up several deaths leading to some scary stories. The most common story involves a little girl ghost who walks down the road looking lost. Some people have reported stopping and offering her a lift of which she will climb in but shortly disappear from the seat. Other people claim to have seen a woman begging for help for a car accident involving her husband. If you stop to help her, you will be overcome with a deep dark chill.


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