10 Interesting Facts About Uruguay

Casapueblo in Uruguay.
Casapueblo in Uruguay.

Uruguay is a country found in South America. It is associated with many positive facts, mostly related to its high standard of living. No wonder that in 2013, The Economist labeled Uruguay as the “country of the year.” Here is a list of some fascinating facts related to this country.

Uruguay Is South America’s Second Smallest Country

With an area of only 176,215 square km, Uruguay is the second smallest country in South America.

Uruguay Has The World’s Longest National Anthem

The national anthem of the country named the "Himno Nacional de Uruguay” is the world’s longest national anthem in terms of the duration. The entire song takes about 6 minutes to perform. However, an abridged version of the anthem also exists. 

Uruguay Became The First Country To Supply A Laptop For Free To Every Schoolchild

The government of Uruguay set an example for the world by providing every school going child in the country with a laptop for free. It was part of the government's initiative to overhaul the education system.

The World’s “Humblest Head Of State” Is From Uruguay

Jose Mujica, who served as Uruguay’s President from 2010 to 2015, is known for his humble lifestyle. He refrained from living in the mansion sanctioned for as the residence of the country’s Presidents and instead lived on a simple farm with his wife on the outskirts of Montevideo. He even donated about 90% of his monthly salary to charity and lived on the rest. He and his wife tend to their small farm themselves. With his humble ways, Mujica sets an example for politicians of the world. For Mujica, serving his country is above everything else.

Uruguay Is The Least Corrupt Country In Latin America

Uruguay ranked as the 23rd least corrupt country in the world on the World Corruption Perceptions Index. It is Latin America’s least corrupt nation.

The Weird But Awe-Inspiring Casapueblo Is In Uruguay

Casapueblo is a unique building in Punta del Este, Uruguay. Carlos Páez Vilaró, an Uruguayan artist, was responsible for its construction. It served as the workshop of the artist but today is a tourist attraction complete with a museum, an art gallery, and a cafeteria. It took 36 years to build the Casapueblo whose design resembles the nest of hornero, a bird found in the country. It is entirely white on the exterior as it made of whitewashed cement and stucco. No architectural plans were laid out to construct it. There are no straight lines inside the building which has a maze-like layout. The Casapueblo has thirteen floors that have staggered terraces offering views of sunset on the Atlantic Ocean.

Uruguay Is The Most Secular Country In South America

In Uruguay, state and religion are separate. The country does not have any official religion. Uruguayans do not differentiate based on religion.

Uruguayans Are Great At Football

Football is the most popular sport in Uruguay, and the country has performed well in international football on several occasions. The Uruguayan football team won Olympic gold medals in 1924 and 1928. The team also won two FIFA World Cups in 1930 and 1950. The country also has the most Copa América titles.

Uruguay Relies Heavily On Renewable Energy

Almost 95% of electricity in Uruguay is from renewable energy resources.

Uruguay Sends More Troops To UN Than Any Other Country

The UN peacekeeping missions come from different countries of the world. Uruguay contributes more troops to these missions than any other country of the world


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