10 Examples of Australian Food

Which dishes are unique to Australia?
Which dishes are unique to Australia?

Australian cuisine has been shaped for thousands of years since the time of Indigenous Australians between 40,000 and 60,000 years ago. During that time, the diet, which was known as bush tucker, included plenty of wild food. Between 1788 and 1900 when the British occupied Australia, the occupiers influenced the culinary taste to include things like wheat, beef, and lamp. Australian cuisine has also been heavily influenced by its multicultural society. In the 21st century, the culture has evolved in a way that combines several cultures and eras. For example, the country has started to adopt a culture of eating bushfood while at the same time holding on to modern foods. All of this influence over the years has created unique foods that have gone on to become Australia’s popular delicacies.

10. Vegemite

Vegemite is a common food that resembles a dark brown paste. The paste is usually prepared from a number of ingredients including an assortment of vegetables, spice additives, and yeast extract. Typically, Australian locals use the paste the same way butter or margarine is used with toast or bread. In addition, the people also take this salty and bitter paste with avocado, tomato, or melted cheese. Developed back in 1922 by Cyril P. Callister, the paste has some similarities to New Zealand Marmite, British Marmite, Australian Promite, and other pastes.

9. Flat White

The flat white is a cafe drink made from espresso and microfoam. Similar to a caffè latte, a flat white is smaller and contains a lesser amount of microfoam, which means that its coffee to milk ratio is high. In addition, the milk is more consistent and velvety, which allows a stronger flavor of espresso alongside the milk. The drink’s origins go all the way back to the mid-1980s at Australia’s Moors Espresso Bay. However, the invention of the drink is a matter of contention since New Zealand also claims the recognition of its invention. An example of a similar beverage in the world is the café con leche from Spain.

8. Timtam

A Tim Tam is simply a popular chocolate biscuit among Australians. Two biscuits are joined together and separated by a chocolate cream in the middle. After that, the biscuits are coated with a thin sheet of chocolate. Created by Ian Norris, the biscuits were introduced to the market in 1964. The inspiration for Tim Tams came after Ian traveled to Britain and came across the Penguin biscuit. According to Ian, Tim Tams are an improvement of the penguin biscuit. Similar snacks around the world include Chit Chats from New Zealand and Temptins from Australian.

7. Pavlova

Pavlova is a dessert that was named after Anna Pavlova, who was a renowned ballet dancer from Russia. The dessert got the name after her 1920s tour of both Australia and New Zealand. The meringue dessert has a soft inside with a crisp crust that is usually topped with whipped cream or fruit. However, since the dancer performed in both countries, there has been some debate over the nationality of the inventor. Despite the origin, the simplicity of its preparation means that most celebrations feature the snack.

6. Meat Pie

The Australian meat pie is prepared primarily using minced or diced meat and gravy. Sometimes, it also contains onions, cheese, or mushrooms. Also known as the New Zealand meat pie, the hand-sized snack is mostly taken as a meal to go. As the name suggests, the pie is also a crucial part of New Zealand’s identity as a nation. In Australia, the pie is so embedded in the culture that there is a contest known as the Great Aussie Meat Pie Contest. The contest aims to find the best pie as well as promote the high-quality production of pie every year since its establishment back in 1990.

5. Grilled Kangaroo

Kangaroo meat is a common delicacy in Australia and is sold in several shops and supermarkets. Presently, most of the kangaroo meat is obtained from programs for controlling the population of the animal. However, not all of the animal species can be hunted. The meat is a high-quality source of lean meat with a high amount of protein and only 2% of fat. Australians eat kangaroo in a number of ways including steaks, sausages, hamburgers, and other ways. Compared to other kinds of meat such as beef, kangaroo meat is softer and has a stronger flavor

4. Fish and Chips

Almost every nation in the world has a kind of food that is fried. In the case of Australians, seafood and fries are a popular delicacy. The fish is usually prepared to have a crisp and oily exterior. This common to-go meal is also popular in countries such as Canada and New Zealand. The meal has English origins going as far back as the 1860s. The popularity of the meal increased in the early stages of the 1900s before spreading out to other countries.

3. Lamingtons

According to National Trust of Queensland, the lamington is a cultural icon of Australia. In fact, the sweet cake has a national day in the official calendar of Australia. The lamington is a cake made using sponge or butter as well as chocolate and coconut. Created by Lord Lamington, the cake is a bit similar to the Jammy coconut sponge.

2. The Lot Burger

Also known simply as “the lot,” this burger is sold in almost every restaurant or burger bar in Australia. The big burger has a number of ingredients making it up including cheese, pineapple, bacon, lettuce, beef tomato, and bacon. In addition to the solid foods, a number of sauces are also added to provide more flavor. Further, the cheap burger has a runny fried egg and pickled beets.

1. Potato Cakes

This cake consists of thin potato slices and is also popular in almost every shop or restaurant that sells fish and chips. In other parts, such as the northern and eastern regions of South Wales, and Queensland, the cake is known as a potato scallop or scallop. Originating from Central England, the cake is made from mashed potatoes prepared as a pie.


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