10 Countries Most Likely To Follow The Law

Vehicles stopped at a traffic crossing in Copenhagen. Residents of Denmark are the most likely to follow the law. Editorial credit: Steven Liveoak / Shutterstock.com.

Law is a tool of governance used in most countries in the world. While some countries have succeeded in empowering their citizens to follow the law, some have seen trying times while trying to achieve such fetes. According to research by the World Justice Project, citizens in these ten countries are most likely to adhere to the rule of law. Their rankings are based on a score of zero to one with zero being the lowest and one being the highest attainable score.

10 Countries Most Likely to Follow The Law


Denmark is the leading country in the world regarding observing law and order with 0.89 score on adherence to the rule of law. Although its citizens follow the law, some laws are uniquely astonishing. For instance, you are not allowed to name your child silly whimsical names like Flower and Berry. The government has several ministries that regulate names for Danish citizens. The law requires that you call your child one of the 700 preapproved names for boy and girl babies. Harsh rejections meet any attempt to skew these names.


Norway is also a leading country when it comes to following law and order with a similar score of 0.89 of adherence to the rule of law. Just like the Danish, they also have some rules that you will find amusing once you land in the country. For example, the government does not allow you to pay your cat or dog, and you must have a license to own a television. While some of these laws seem outrageous, the Norwegians always follow their statutes with utmost respect and devotion.


The Finnish people are quite famous when it comes to observing the law with 0.87 score on adherence to the rule of law. They too have some insane laws including collecting levies for products that contain sugar by the law of "candy tax." Interesting enough is that this law does not require one to make pay taxes when selling candy. A new statute is that taxi drivers are required to pay a fee if they play music to a paying customer.


Sweden has 0.86 score on adherence to the rule of law. No one is allowed to dance spontaneously in Sweden. Do not go around dancing aimlessly in the streets or you will be arrested and prosecuted. Despite all these, Sweden is a peaceful and friendly country that loves visitors. The Swedes respect you irrespective of your religion, race or sexual orientation. Gender equality is also paramount in the country.


Netherlands has a score of 0.85 score on the adherence to the rule of law and the Dutch people like following the law and sticking to simple practices like engineering and farming. Although it is legal to smoke marijuana in the country, it is illegal to smoke tobacco in public places. The Dutch police will arrest you for smoking tobacco and wave back at you if you are taking marijuana in a joint.

Other Countries That Respect The Rule Of Law

Other countries that follow the law include Germany (0.83), New Zealand, Austria, Canada, and Australia with a score of 0.81 each. Living in these countries is quite easy if you are a law-abiding individual. However, you have to take a look at some of their weird laws before you are arrested for something you always take for granted every day.

10 Countries Most Likely to Follow The Law

RankCountryAdherence to the Rule of Law (0-1)
7New Zealand0.81

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