10 Countries Least Likely To Follow The Law

Choroni, Venezuela. Partially due to lack of enforcement and political instability and a number of other reasons, Venezuela is the country least likely to follow the law.

Law entails discipline and firm enforcement of rules and regulations of land or country. Some people perceive law to be a strict implementation while others see it as a necessary tool to help maintain order. The analysis below covers the nations that are least likely to adhere to the law. In some cases, it happens because people see the law as abundant strictness that borders harassment. This perception, in turn, leads to resentment of the law by the people. Here is an analysis:

Countries Least Likely To Follow The Law

Venezuela tops in the list of countries that are least likely to obey the law. It has an adherence rate of 0.29. It is said to be the country with the most poorly imposed rules. It also has minimum limitations on government powers not to mention how unfair the criminal justice systems are. The country that comes after Venezuela, with a rating of 0.32 in adherence to the law, is Cambodia. Cambodia is at the last position out of fifteen countries in East Asia when ranked regarding adherence to law. Afghanistan follows Cambodia closely in resentment of the law with adherence rating of 0.34. Afghanistan’s general regulation of law score positions it as the sixth country out of the six countries in the South Asia region.

Egypt is the fourth county least likely to adhere to the law with adherence rating of 0.36. In the Middle East, Egypt comes last out of seven countries in regards to the devotion of rules and regulations. Cameroon and Zimbabwe come in fifth and sixth consecutively both with 0.37 adherence to their rules and regulations. Another country that is least likely to follow the law is Ethiopia. It comes seventh in ranking with 0.38 adherence. Ethiopia takes position sixteen out of eighteen when it comes to the overall score of adherence to regulations in the Sub-Saharan African region.

The eighth country that is least likely to follow the law is Bolivia. It is situated in the Latin America and Caribbean region. The ranking of the general rule of law places it at number 29 in its region. Pakistan is rated 0.39 in adherence to the law, and it is the ninth country least likely to follow the law. Besides, Pakistan is also ranked position 5 out of 6 in the general law regulation in the South Asian region. Uganda is the tenth country least likely to follow the law with a rating of 0.40. It takes position 15 out of 18 in adherence to law in the Sub-Saharan Africa region.

Factors Influencing Adherence To The Law

Many aspects impact how efficiently a government can sustain the rule of law. These factors comprise of useful regulating, institutional competence, and absence of corruption. Some governments have the capability to combine these factors and bring about a stout adherence to law while others tend to struggle on the same. It is vital to have effective rules and regulations since they are the basis for communities of prospect, justice, and harmony.

10 Countries Least Likely to Follow The Law

RankCountryAdherence to the Rule of Law (0-1)

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