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Portland Oregon Map - Things to Do Portland, Old Town Chinatown, Rose Gardens, Oregon Cities

portland description
Located in the northwestern corner of Oregon, about 70 miles from the Pacific Ocean, Portland is a city of quiet charms and natural grace.
Dissected by the Willamette River, and nestled along the southern edge of the massive Columbia River system, Portland sits between the Pacific coastal range and the magnificent Cascade Mountains.
From Portland, opportunities for outdoor adventures are bountiful, be it kayaking the rapids of the Columbia River, camping in the ancient, majestic forests, or hiking the trails of the surrounding mountain ranges and valleys.
With a plethora of gardens and parks, and as a world renowned center for the cultivation of roses, the "City of Roses" has earned its reputation as one of the most beautiful cities in North America, and as a great place to visit on any Oregon business trip or family vacation.
portland FAST FACTS

  • Portland is often named the "Greenest City in America".
  • Oregon is the only other state besides New Jersey where people can't pump their own gas - an attendant must do that job!
  • Mt. Hood, to the east of Portland, is a dormant volcano and part of a network of volcanic peaks within the Cascade range.
portland attractions
Check out our Portland attraction map to spot some exciting places to visit.
  • Portland Rose Gardens
    The Portland Rose Gardens (in various locations across the city), soothe the mind and body with magnificent displays of roses.
    The rose gardens bloom with color and life and are a favorite stop for Oregon tourists, and for locals wanting to relax and unwind. The Portland Rose Gardens are also home to a yearly Rose Festival and parade.
    Alberta Arts District
    The Alberta Arts District is best known for being a lively arts community that throws a big party the last Thursday of the month.
    Within the district are funky boutiques, great galleries, dozens of coffee shops and an assortment of good Portland restaurants. Located along Alberta Street, it's spread across one of the city's most culturally diverse and historic neighborhoods.
    Old Town Chinatown
    Enjoy the sights and learn the stories about Portland's oldest and most intriguing neighborhood. Old Town Chinatown is an interesting mix of history, commercial office space, popular bars, nightclubs and Chinese restaurants.
    The biggest attraction in Old Town is the amazing Classical Chinese Garden, an authentic Suzhou-style garden and the largest of its kind in the nation. Here you can enjoy the busy Saturday Market, taste amazing local food, shop for local arts and crafts and just have fun for the whole day in this city within a city!

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