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    Portland FAST FACTS

    • Airing on WCSH radio since 1926, Portland is home to the oldest continuously broadcast religious radio program in the nation, the First Radio Parish Church of America.
    • Portland was originally called 'Machigonne' meaning "Great Neck" to the original natives.
    • The famous writer Steven King was born in Portland, Maine.

    Old Port
    Take a trip to Old Port, the city's historic waterfront
    district, for an array of small boutiques and handmade gifts stores.
    Great for picnics and the best place around for the local gelato and sea
    salt taffy.
    Walk the cobblestone streets to visit the old Custom House, find handmade products and dine on Maine
    lobster at some of the state's best seafood restaurants. Old Port is
    the launch point for a variety of shore cruises and historic landmark
    House Island
    House Island is rich in history and mystery. Acknowledged as
    the earliest home site in Casco Bay, this lonely, lovely little island
    has only been home to a handful of hearty Maine natives. Enjoy great views of Portland harbor watching luxury yachts, sea kayaks and cargo ships coming and going.
    Home to an authentic Civil War era fort and once the site of a U.S.
    quarantine station, House Island offers historic tours of Fort Scammel,
    a great beach and fine dining. Famous for lobster bakes, the site is
    also a popular venue for weddings, special events and family outings,
    both under tents and in the heated club house.
    Portland Head Light
    Visited by hundreds of thousands each year, the Portland Head
    is one of Maine's most famous lighthouses. Located in South Elizabeth,
    just south of the city, the lighthouse provides tours, a museum and gift
    The stone lighthouse was completed in 1790 and stands 72 feet tall. Poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, a famous Portland native visited frequently when young and the Head was the inspiration of his poem "The Lighthouse".

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