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Saint Eustatius

Saint Eustatius Famous

Saint Eustatius famous natives

  • Gerald Berkel Lt. Governor
  • John Wilson Blair diving pioneer
  • Franklin A. Brown island council member
  • The Mighty Fat " William Schmidt" calypso musician
  • Johannes de Graeff former governor
  • Engel Heyliger plantation owner
  • Johannes Heyliger builder
  • Theodore Godet Hegliger plantation owner
  • Roy J. McA. Hooker island commissioner
  • Dion Humphreys entertainer, motivational speaker
  • Millicent Lijfrock island council member
  • Ellis Lopes playwright, historian, unofficial ambassador of arts and culture
  • Rueben Merkman island council member
  • Private " Leoncio Zhivago Lopes" calypso king
  • Ziggi Recado reggae artist
  • Glenville W. Schmidt island commissioner
  • Koos Sneek island council member
  • F.E. Adelka Spanner island council member
  • Peter de Witte police chief commissioner for St. Eustatius, Saba, St. Martin
  • Julian C.A. Woodley island commissioner
  • Reginald C. Zaandam island council member

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