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Saba History Timeline

Saba timeline

1400s - 1600s
  • (1493) Christopher Columbus sighted Saba
  • (1632) Group of shipwrecked Englishmen landed on Saba
  • (1632 – 1816) Saba ownership changed 12 times (French, English, Spanish and Dutch)
  • (1635) Frenchman claimed Saba for Louis XIII of France
  • (1640) Dutch West India Company sent people from neighboring island of St. Eustatius to colonize the island; Dutch built two communities: Tent Bay and The Bottoms
  • (1664) Settlers were evicted, sent to Sint Maarten by Thomas Morgan
  • (1665) Britain claimed Saba during second Anglo-Dutch War
  • (1672) Britain claimed the island during the third Anglo-Dutch War
  • (1678) Treaty of Nijmegen, divided up the islands, Netherlands took Saba
1700s - 1800s
  • (1700s) Major industries were sugar and rum on the island
  • (1770s) Britain claimed Saba during Revolutionary War
  • (1801-1803) British occupied the island during the Napoleonic Wars
  • (1810-1816) British occupied Saba during the Napoleonic Wars
  • (1816) Saba officially became Dutch
  • (1943) First road was built from Fort Bay to The Bottom
  • (1954) Five islands of Netherlands Antilles were federated, included Saba
  • (1958) The only entire island road completed
  • (1960) Mahogany trees destroyed on the island by hurricanes
  • (1961) Saba's main road from the airport to the harbor completed
  • (1963) Airport opened on Saba; electricity was installed
  • (1972) Construction of a pier allowed fishing boats, sail and dive boats and small cruise ships access to the island
  • (1987) Waters around the island designated Saba National Marine Park
  • (2006) Five federated islands of the Netherlands Antilles held last parliamentary elections
  • (2010) Netherlands Antilles dissolved; Saba granted a status similar to Dutch municipalities, referred as Caribbean Netherlands
  • (2011) US dollar named official currency