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Montserratian Flag

Montserrat Flag:
Flag of Montserrart

The current flag of Montserrat was officially adopted in 1962.

The flag of Montserrat is navy blue with the Union Flag in the upper left corner, and contains the coat of arms of Montserrat.

Larger Montserrat flag

Montserrat Coat of Arms:
Coat of arms of Montserrat

As a British dependent territory the island flies the United Kingdom (UK) flag. The coat of arms dates from 1909, and shows a woman dressed in green, holding a cross and harp. The cross is symbolic of Christianity, while the harp and woman recall Irish immigrants that settled on the island in 1632.

Montserrat's Information

Flag of Montserrat
Land Area 102 km2
Total Area 102km2
Population 5,267 (#227)
Population Density 51.64/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Democracy (Legislative Council); Self-governing Overseas Territory Of The UK
GDP (PPP) $43.78 Million
GDP Per Capita $8,500
Currency Dollar (XCD)
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Montserrat Photographs

Governor ensign of Montserrat

Governor Ensign of Montserrat

Flag of the United Kingdom

Flag of the United Kingdom

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