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Martinique Famous

Martinique famous natives

People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

A - B
  • Joel Abati handball player
  • Sigrid Agren model
  • David Alerte sprinter
  • Alfred Almont member of the National Assembly of France
  • Jenny Alpha actress
  • Phara Anacharsis athlete
  • Doudou Babet actor
  • Jean-Louis Baghio'o author
  • Coralie Balmy freestyle swimmer
  • Dimitri Bascou athlete
  • Alexandre de Beauharnais general in French Revolution
  • Josephine de Beauharnais first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Jean Bernabe author, linguist
  • Garry Boclay footballer
  • Malick Bolivard footballer
  • Patricia Buval athlete
C - F
  • Fabrice Calligny sprinter
  • Emile Capgras politician
  • Aime Cesaire poet, author, politician
  • Patrick Chamoiseau author
  • Ludovic Clement footballer
  • Raphael Confiant author
  • Charles-Edouard Coridon footballer
  • Dominique Daquin volleyball player
  • Camille Darsieres attorney, politician
  • Eddy DeLepine sprinter
  • Dimitri Demoniere sprinter
  • Pauline Duchambge pianist, composer
  • Christiane Eda-Pierre soprano
  • Frantz Fanon psychiatrist, philosopher, revolutionary, author
G - J
  • Edouard Glissant author, poet, literary critic
  • Sylver Gregory actress
  • Henri Guedon composer, percussionist
  • Eddy Heurlie footballer
  • Gerard Janvion footballer
  • Fabrice Jeannet epee fencer
  • Jerome Jeannet epee fencer
  • Roddy Julienne composer, singer
  • Steeven Langil footballer
  • Serge Larcher politician
  • Philippe Lavil singer
  • Ernest Leardee musician
  • Ferdinand Lemaire librettist, poet
  • Serge Letchimy politician
  • Betty Lise triple jumper
  • Camille Little politician
  • Xerces Louis footballer
  • Jean-Michel Lucenay epee fencer
M - P
  • Alfred Marie-Jeanne politician
  • Rene Menil author, philosopher
  • Eugene Mona flutist, songwriter
  • Edmond Mondesir author, composer
  • Jean-Marc Monnerville "Kali" musician
  • Max Moriniere sprinter
  • Christian Negouai footballer
  • Euzhan Palcy film director, producer,
  • Christophe Perie film director
  • Katty Piejos handball player
  • Ronald Pognon sprinter
  • Audrey Pulvar journalist
R - Z
  • Olivier Rambo footballer
  • David Regis U.S. soccer player
  • Wendie Renard footballer
  • Fabrice Reuperne footballer
  • Aimee du Buc de Rivery French heiress
  • Georges Sainte-Rose triple jumper
  • Jean-Michel Sigere footballer
  • Cedric Sorhaindo handball player
  • Raphael Tardon poet, author
  • Ronny Turiaf basketball player
  • Cecile Vernant actress, film director
  • Joseph Zobel author

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