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Jamaican Flag

Map of Jamaica
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Flag of Jamaica

Jamaica's Quick Facts

Land Area 10,831 km2
Water Area 160 km2
Total Area 10,991 km2
Population 2,970,340
Population Density 270.25 / km2
Government Type Parliamentary Democracy (Parliament) Under A Constitutional Monarchy; A Commonwealth Realm
GDP (PPP) $25.39 Billion
GDP Per Capita $9,000
Currency Dollar (JMD)
Largest Cities
  • Kingston (590,940)
Jamaica Flag:
Flag of Jamaica

The flag of Jamaica was adopted on August 6, 1962, and consists of a gold saltire, which divides the flag into four sections: two of them green and two black. The present design emerged from those sent in by the public in a national competition.

It was originally designed with horizontal stripes, but this was considered too similar to the Tanganyikan flag, and so the saltire was substituted. The color black represents the strength and creativity of the people which has allowed them to overcome the odds, yellow for the golden sunshine and green for the lush vegetation of the island.

Larger Jamaica flag

Jamaica Coat of Arms:
Coat of arms of bolivia

The coat of arms depicts a male and female member of the Taino tribe standing on each side of a shield, which bears a red cross with five golden pineapples. The crest shows a Jamaican crocodile mounted on the Royal Helmet of the British Monarchy and mantling.

At the base of the shield a ribbon displays the national motto, "Out of Many, One People."

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