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Grenada History Timeline

Map of Grenada
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Grenada's Information

Flag of Grenada
Land Area 344 km2
Water Area 0 km2
Total Area 344 km2
Population 111,219
Population Density 323.31 / km2
Government Type Parliamentary Democracy (Parliament); A Commonwealth Realm
GDP (PPP) $1.51 Billion
GDP Per Capita $14,100
Currency Dollar (XCD)
Largest Cities
  • Saint George's (7,500)


  • (20Mil BC) Grenada was formed as an underwater volcano
  • (1498) Christopher Columbus sailed by Grenada, named the island Concepcion
  • (1609) British attempted to settle Grenada
  • (1650) French settlers from Martinique established colony, founded Saint George's, present-day capital
  • (1705) French began construction of Fort George on Grenada; completed by British
  • (1779) French fleet occupied Grenada
  • (1783) France ceded Grenada to Britain in accordance with Treaty of Versailles; African slaves brought in to work on cotton, sugar, tobacco plantations
  • (1834) Slavery abolished
  • (1885-1958) Grenada acted as administrative headquarters of British Windward Islands
  • (1950) Eric Gairy founded Grenada United Labor Party
  • (1955) Hurricane Janet hit Grenada, destroyed 75% of nutmeg trees
  • (1958-62) Grenada became part of British-sponsored Federation of West Indies
  • (1967) Grenada became associated state of Britain
  • (1974) Grenada became independent; Eric Gairy prime minister
  • (1979) New Jewel Movement led by Maurice Bishop overthrew corrupt government led by Eric Gairy; Grenada strengthened ties with Cuba, US
  • (1983) Bishop ousted, executed by former left-winged allies led by General Hudson Austin, who objected to his attempts to improve ties with the US
  • (1984) Herbert A. Blaize became prime minister
  • (1989) Blaize died; replaced by Ben Jones
  • (1991) Following inconclusive general election, Nicholas Braithwaite (NDC) headed the coalition government
  • (1995) Braithwaite resigned; agriculture minister George Brizan became prime minister until elections; Keith Mitchell (NNP) won election as prime minister
  • (1999) Keith Mitchell's New National Party won all 15 parliamentary seats
  • (2000) Truth and Reconciliation Commission set up with South African help to examine political upheavals of "Revolutionary Years"
  • (2001) Grenada blacklisted by Paris-based Financial Action Task Force for not tackling money-laundering; government began review of offshore banking
  • (2002) Grenada removed from the Paris-based Financial Action Task Force blacklist
  • (2003) Prime Minister Keith Mitchell won third term in
  • (2004) Grenada took direct hit from Hurricane Ivan; prime minister declared national disaster; 90% of the island devastated
  • (2005) Grenada re-established diplomatic ties with China, favored Beijing over its former diplomatic partner Taiwan; Grenada hit by Hurricane Emily; storm killed one person, destroyed crops and damaged homes
  • (2008) Former Prime Minister, Sir Eric Gairy, named country's first National Hero on 34th anniversary of independence; Tillman Thomas, former political detainee, sworn in as new prime minister of Grenada
  • (2009) Prime Minister Tillman Thomas stated Grenada sold 100 Venezuelan -built houses for only $2,000 to people left homeless by Hurricane Ivan
  • (2010) Grenada businessman Michael Raeburn-Delfish reported missing, his severed head and limbs were found in three shallow pits; suspect Ronald Michael Phillip had been deported from the US to his native Grenada as a convicted felon in 2000

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