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Curacao History Timeline

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Curacao timeline


  • (2500BC) First Amerindians arrived from northern South America

500 AD - 1500s

  • (500AD) Caiquetios Indians migrated from the Orinoco River to reside in Curacao
  • (1499) Alonso de Ojeda discovered Curacao
  • (1500s) Curacao settled by the Spanish
  • (1526) Juan De Ampues appointed Spanish governor of Curacao, Bonaire, and Aruba
  • (1568-1648) Dutch and Spanish fought in the Eighty Years' War
  • (1621) Dutch West India Company (WIC) founded
  • (1628) WIC captured Spanish silver fleet, consolidated Dutch domination of the seas
  • (1634) Dutch took possession of the island from Spain; founded a Dutch settlement
  • (1635) Amsterdam Chamber of WIC granted exclusive authority over Curacao
  • (1635-46) Curacao administered from Pernambuco, Brazil
  • (1639) Import of slaves to Curacao requested by WIC director
  • (1642) Peter Stuyvesant installed as governor of Curacao
  • (1646-64) Curacao administered from New Netherlands
  • (1648) Treaty of Munster, recognized Dutch independence, ended eighty years of war
  • (1662) Curacao made center for the Atlantic slave trade
  • (1675) Curacao declared a free port
1700s - 1800s
  • (1732) Private merchants granted right to participate in slave trade by WIC; Curacao home of one of the oldest permanent Jewish settlements
  • (1791) Dutch West India Company dissolved
  • (1795) Island's largest slave uprising at Kenepa Plantation led by slaves Tula and Carpata
  • (1800) Curacao came under British protectorate
  • (1802) Curacao returned to Dutch control
  • (1807) British captured Curacao
  • (1815) Curacao returned to Dutch control
  • (1863) Slavery abolished in Curacao


  • (1915) Royal Dutch Shell built oil refinery in Curacao
  • (1954) Curacao became seat of government for the Netherlands Antilles
  • (1968) International school started on the island
  • (1984) National flag and official anthem of Curacao inaugurated
  • (1985) Shell closed oil refinery in Curacao
  • (1997) United Nations named Willemstad a World Heritage Site on the island
  • (2006) World Baseball Classic held in Curacao
  • (2007) Netherlands Antilles declared Dutch, Papiamentu, and English official languages on the island
  • (2010) Netherlands Antilles dissolved; Curacao became a country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands; tropical storm Tomas struck Curacao, caused widespread flooding

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