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Cancun is today a world-class luxury resort situated on the northeastern edge of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.

As for its history, much like Cozumel, Isla Mujeres and the entire Yucatan Peninsula, Cancun was originally home to the Maya people, and scattered remains of that culture still dot the landscape.

Spanish explorers arrived in the Yucatan in the early 16th century, and at that time an estimated 450,000 Mayans lived in the area. And like all other parts of the Caribbean, Europeans brought disease with them; diseases like smallpox that devastated the Maya population.

Historically, the name Cancun (Cancum or Cankun) first appeared on maps in the middle of the 18th century. The meaning of Cancun is unknown, and it is also unknown whether the name is of Maya origin.

All but unknown, it languished in obscurity until the late 20th century. Then, in January of 1970, after seeing the potential of the destination the Mexican government built nine hotels on the edge of the Caribbean Sea, and the rest is history.

Today Cancun is known for white powdery sand beaches, turquoise crystal clear waters, warm and comfortable weather throughout the year and welcoming Mexican hospitality.

Some of the most popular activities include watersports of all description, eco tours and the nearby Mayan archaeological sites of Chichen Itza, Coba and Tulum.

There's lodging options for every budget, high-end shopping centers, trendy bars, a vibrant nightlife, waterside restaurants and some of the best scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing in the world.

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