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Bonaire travel
ATTRACTIONS: (a few major)

Bonaire is one of the best scuba driving, snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, bird watching, hiking trails and relaxing destinations in the world.

Bonaire's most beloved guests are the flamingos and they can be viewed near the southern tip of the island.

Although most visitors travel to Bonaire for its diving and snorkeling, other activities include a stroll through Kralendijk, the island's quaint capital, a visit to Lourdes Grotto, enjoying the breathtaking panoramic views from Seru Largu, petting the donkeys at the sanctuary, or just relaxing on the beaches.
  • Electricity: 127/220V, 50Hz
  • Times to Travel: Bonaire is a year round destination with average annual temperatures around 82° F (27° C).

    There is little difference between the dry and rainy seasons. November and December are the wettest months of the year, receiving around 3.5 inches of rain. March through June are the driest months, with less than an inch of rainfall.

    The high season starts in October and ends in April.
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Harbor view from Plaza Resort, Bonaire
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A relaxing evening off the coast of Bonaire
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