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Barbadian Symbols

  • Coat of Arms:

    Barbados coat of arms

  • Coat of Arms: The coat of arms of Barbados was adopted in 1966 by decree of Queen Elizabeth. Like other former British possessions in the Caribbean, the coat of arms has a helmet with a national symbol on top, and a shield beneath that is supported by two animals.

    The national symbol is the fist of a Barbadian holding two sugar canes that are crossed to resemble St. Andrew's Cross. This is representative of the importance of the sugar industry as well as Barbados celebrating its national independence day on St. Andrew's Day. The golden shield contains the national flower, known as the Pride of Barbados, and a single bearded fig tree. The shield is supported by a dolphin fish and pelican. They stand for the Pelican Island, and fishing, respectively.
  • Flower: The Pride of Barbados Poinciana Pulcherrima Linnaeus
  • Motto: "Pride and Industry"

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