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Moldova Geography

Moldova's Information

Flag of Moldova
Land Area 32,891 km2
Water Area 960 km2
Total Area 33,851km2 (#135)
Population 3,510,485 (#133)
Population Density 106.73/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Republic
GDP (PPP) $18.54 Billion
GDP Per Capita $5,200
Currency Leu (MDL)
Largest Cities

Moldova is hilly with a subtle slope south toward the Black Sea. Moldova has a relatively rugged topography, however elevations never reach beyond 430 m (1,411 ft) - which is the country's highest point, Balanesti Hill.

These hilly regions are part of the Moldavian Plateau, a part of the Carpathian Mountains. Accounting for much of the terrain along that plateau are steep forested slopes interlaced by valleys and ravines.

While the Dniester river forms only a small part of Moldova's border with the Ukraine, the Prut completely makes up the entire western border with Romania.

Other important rivers of note include the Nistru and Byk.

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