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Ischia Map Italy


amalfi The volcanic island of Ischia is located about 17 miles to the southwest of Naples, Italy, on the western edge of the Gulf of Naples. This mountainous island is home to nearly 60,000 people, and remains a popular tourist attraction because of its rugged natural beauty and numerous thermal spas.

Similar to the Isle of Capri, prices here are on the high side, however this beautiful rock is worth a visit. The main attractions include the Aragonese Castle, located on a massive rock connected to the island by a manmade stone bridge; the Nun's Cemetery; the botanical wonders of the La Mortella Gardens near Forio; Maronti Beach, and the stunning scenic views from Mt. Epomeo, the island's highest point.

Ischia is easily reached by using the frequent and dependable ferry service from Naples, and from here it's quite easy to travel by ferry to the Isle of Capri and the Amalfi Coast.

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ischia region Ischia large color map
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Aragonese Castle, Ischia, Italy

Maronti Beach, Ischia, Italy

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