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Aland Islands Map Finland

Aland Islands

Aland is the largest island in an archipelago of near 6,500 others, most just small uninhabited rocks.

Though an autonomous, self-governed territory of Finland, the Aland Islands, for historical reasons, are way more Swedish then Finnish.

They have their own unique culture, Swedish dialects, flag, and stamps, and remain one of the most popular summer vacation destinations for Swedes and Finns, alike.

Besides beautiful scenery, these (almost flat) islands feature medieval castles and churches, museums, parks, old-world fishing villages, and are particularly suited for family vacations that include cycling, camping and water sports activities.

Easily reached by ferries form the mainland, the Alands are well-served by an inner-island ferry service.

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Sailing in the Aland Islands

Wooden Boathouses, Aland Islands

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