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Germany's North Frisian Islands are a chain of low-lying barrier islands on the edge of the North Sea. Denmark's Fano, Mando and Romo islands are also part of the overall group. Further to the southwest these islands are named the 

East Frisian Islands.

Over many centuries violent North Sea weather (storm tides) and the resulting flooding and land erosion produced this chain of islands. The power of water movement literally washed away, or covered existing land, and then separated what remained from the mainland by the shallow waters of the Wadden Sea. 

[From the Langeness south to Pellworm Island and the Nordstrand Peninsula, (all) are the remains of the much larger Island of Strand. It was literally (torn apart) into many smaller pieces by a great storm of tidal surges. Renamed the Halligen Islands, hundreds of the original pieces of Strandremain submerged.] 

Sylt, the most visited of the North Frisian Islands, is connected to the mainland by a long (drivable) embankment. In addition, an airport serves the area. Tours are easily arranged, and all of the North Frisian Islands are well served by regular ferry service. 

Tourists and locals alike enjoy health spas, quiet walks along the sandy beaches, cycling, mudflats and sandbar tours and watersports of all description. The entire Frisian Island group has a rich ecosystem, and attracts many species of birds and fish.

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