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Yemen History Timeline

Yemen's Information

Flag of Yemen
Land Area 527,968 km2
Total Area 527,968km2 (#49)
Population 27,392,779 (#47)
Population Density 51.88/km2
Government Type In Transition
GDP (PPP) $73.45 Billion
GDP Per Capita $2,500
Currency Rial (YER)
Largest Cities

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BC - 800's AD
  • (1000 BC) Trading of frankincense created state of Saba, centered around trade routes, citizens worshipped idols
  • (395) Christianity named new state religion by Holy Roman Emperor Theodisius. Christians were reluctant to use and trade frankincense, caused decline
  • (570) Dam at Ma'rib broke, Saba suffered from drought
  • (575) Persians took control of Saba
  • (628) Persian governor converted to Islam, first mosque built in Sana'a
  • (897) Zayidi dynasty took over the power in the north as a strict Islamic state
1400's - 1800's
  • (1454) Kathirids took control in the south
  • (1513) Turkish Ottomans gained power
  • (1636) Ottoman control ended by Zayidis imams
  • (1839) British took control of port of Aden
  • (1869) Suez Canal opened linking Red and Mediterranean Seas
  • (1905) "Violet Line" established by line drawn across Arabia with Turks in the north, British in the south
  • (1918) Ottoman empire dissolved, North Yemen gained independence, ruled by Imam Yahya
  • (1934) Treaties with Britain and Saudi Arabia, signed by Imam Yahya, established borders of north and south sate of Yemeni
  • (1948) Imam Yahya assassinated, son Ahmad became Imam
  • (1955) Ahmad survived assassination attempt
  • (1958 North Yemen joined Egypt, Syria in Union of Arab States
  • (1962) Ahmad died, succeeded by son, al-Badr
  • (1962) Imam al-Badr overthrown by Army, Yemen Arab Republic (YAR) established
  • (1967) People's Democratic Republic of Yemen (PDRY), founded in southern Yemen after British left Aden
  • (1971) Following a crackdown on dissidents, thousands flee north
1900's continued
  • (1972) Arab League brokered cease fire between YAR and PDRY
  • (1975) North Yemen conducted first nation-wide elections
  • (1978) After murder of predecessor, Ali Abdullah Saleh became president of YAR
  • (1979) New fighting between YAR and PDRY started
  • (1982) Earthquake near Dhamar, North Yemen; 2,800 killed, 1,500 injured
  • (1986) New government formed between Extreme Marxists and PDRY after thousands died from political rivalry
  • (1986) President Ali Nasser Muhammad fled the country, new government formed
  • (1990) Iraq invaded Kuwait, Yemen sided with Iraq
  • (1990) Unified Republic of Yemen established, Saleh became president
  • (1992) Riots with thousands of demonstrators over food prices took place in major cities, hundreds were arrested
  • (1993) Ruling parties from north and south formed new coalition government
  • (1994) Southern government members dismissed following political deadlock and fighting; Saleh declared state of emergency

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