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Syrian Flag

Phyiscal Map of the Syrian Arab Republic with state boundaries, relief, major mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, important cities, and more. iraq turkey turkey Syria large color map Israel
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Flag of Syrian Arab Republic

Syrian Arab Republic's Quick Facts

Land Area 183,630 km2
Water Area 1,550 km2
Total Area 185,180 km2
Population 17,185,170
Population Density 92.80 / km2
Government Type Presidential Republic; Highly Authoritarian Regime
GDP (PPP) $50.28 Billion
GDP Per Capita $2,900
Currency Pound (SYP)
Largest Cities
  • Dimashq (Damascus) (2,392,045)
  • Halab (Aleppo) (1,916,781)
  • Hims (Homs) (1,335,804)
  • Hamah (921,502)
  • Lattakia (655,714)
  • Al-Raqqa (521,537)
  • Tartus (424,153)
  • Al-Hasakah (390,947)
  • Deir El-Zor(Deir ez-Zor) (323,432)
Syria Flag:
Flag of Syria

The flag of Syria was officially adopted on May 29, 1980.

Syria's flag, inspired by the French Tricolor, uses the Pan-Arab colors of green, red, white and black.

The two stars - (depending on the point-of-view) - either represent Syria and Egypt, or Syria and Iraq.

Larger Syria flag

Syria Coat of Arms:
Flag of Syria

Syria's coat of arms consists of the Hawk of Qureish bearing a shield that displays the national flag.

In the hawk's talons is a green scroll reading, "Syrian Arab Republic."

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