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Mongolia Facts

Mongolia's Information

Flag of Mongolia
Land Area 1,553,556 km2
Water Area 10,560 km2
Total Area 1,564,116km2 (#18)
Population 3,031,330 (#138)
Population Density 1.95/km2
Government Type Semi-presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $37.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $12,200
Currency Tugrik (MNT)
Largest Cities
  • Name: Mongolia
  • Capital City: Ulan Bator (1,206,600 pop.)
  • Mongolia Population: 3,226,516 (2013 est.)
  • World Populations (all countries)
  • Currency: Togrogs/Tugriks (MNT)
    (conversion rates)

    20 Togrog
  • Ethnicity: Mongol (mostly Khalkha) 94.9%, Turkic (mostly Kazakh) 5%, other (including Chinese and Russian) 0.1%
  • GDP total: $15.17 billion (2012 est.)
  • GDP per capita: $5,400 (2012 est.)
  • Land Sizes
  • Language: Khalkha Mongol 90%, Turkic, Russian
  • Largest Cities: (by population) Ulaanbaatar, Erdenet, Darhan, Hovd
  • Name: unknown
  • National Day: July 11
  • Religion: Buddhist Lamaist 50%, Shamanist and Christian 6%, Muslim 4%, none 40%
  • Symbols
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Mongolia Trivia

What is a Puppet Government?

A "puppet state" is a government that has little will of its own, as it needs financial backing or military support. Thus, it acts an a subordinate to another power in exchange for its own survival. The puppet government still holds its own facade of an identity, perpetuated by retaining its own flag, name, national anthem, law, and constitution. However, these type of governments are not considered as legitimate according to international law.

What Is A Puppet Government?

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