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Lebanese Flag

Map of Lebanon syria large iran map
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Lebanon's Information

Flag of Lebanon
Land Area 10,230 km2
Water Area 170 km2
Total Area 10,400 km2
Population 6,237,738
Population Density 599.78 / km2
Government Type Parliamentary Republic
GDP (PPP) $85.16 Billion
GDP Per Capita $18,500
Currency Pound (LBP)
Largest Cities
  • Beirut (1,916,100)
  • Tripoli (229,398)
  • Sidon (163,554)
  • Tyre (135,204)
  • Nabatiye et Tahta (120,000)
  • Habbouch (98,433)
  • Djounie (96,315)
  • Zahle (78,145)
  • Baalbek (30,916)
  • En Naqoura (24,910)
Lebanon Flag:
Flag of Lebanon

The national flag of Lebanon was adopted on December 7, 1943.

The red bands on top and bottom symbolize the pure blood shed in the fight for freedom, the white for peace and the mountain snow, and the green cedar is symbolic of immortality and steadiness.

Larger Lebanon flag

Lebanon Coat of Arms:
Flag of Lebanon

Lebanon's coat of arms is composed of a shield depicting the national flag.

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