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Gambian Flag

Gambia's Information

Flag of Gambia
Land Area 10,120 km2
Water Area 1,180 km2
Total Area 11,300km2 (#159)
Population 2,009,648 (#146)
Population Density 198.58/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $3.39 Billion
Currency Dalasi (GMD)
Largest Cities

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Gambia Flag:
Flag of Gambia

The Gambia flag was officially adopted on February 18, 1965. Red represents the savanna grasslands, blue the River Gambia and green the country's forests.

Larger Gambia flag

Gambia Coat of Arms:
Flag of Gambia

The Gambia's coat of arms showcases two lions holding onto an axe and hoe (symbols of agriculture), and supporting a shield. A heraldic helmet rests above the shield, and an oil palm above that.

The national motto is displayed on a ribbon below.

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