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Cameroonian Flag

Cameroon's Information

Flag of Cameroon
Land Area 472,710 km2
Water Area 2,730 km2
Total Area 475,440km2 (#53)
Population 24,360,803 (#53)
Population Density 51.53/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $77.24 Billion
GDP Per Capita $3,300
Currency Franc (XAF)
Largest Cities
Cameroon Flag:
Flag of Cameroon

The Cameroon flag was officially adopted on May 20th, 1975, and the pattern reflects the French Tricolore.

The red symbolizes unity, as well as the centered yellow star. Green represents hope and the yellow prosperity. Those colors combined are the official Pan-African colors.

Larger Cameroon flag

Cameroon Coat of Arms:
Flag of Cameroon

Cameroon's coat of arms contains a shield depicting the national flag, as well as the scales of justice superimposed on a map of the nation.

Two crossed fasces rest behind the shield, and the national motto is displayed above.

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