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Africa Facts

  • Namesake: The name Africa came into Western use through the Romans, who used the name Africa terra "land of the Afri" for the northern part of the continent. Afri may possibly also refer to a tribe that inhabited North Africa.
  • Major Languages: By most estimates, well over a thousand languages are spoken in Africa. Most are of African origin, though some are of European or Asian origin. Africa is the most multilingual continent in the world, and it is not rare for individuals to fluently speak not only multiple African languages, but one or more European ones as well.
  • Details on specific African languages
  • Population: 1,032,532,974 (2011 estimate) Africa is the second most populous continent, after Asia.
  • Population Density: 30.5 per sq km (80 per sq mi)

Largest African Countries By Populations:

(2012 UN estimates)

  • Nigeria: 166,629,000
  • Ethiopia: 86,539,000
  • Egypt: 83,958,000
  • Congo, DRC: 69,575,000
  • South Africa: 50,738,000
  • Tanzania: 47,656,000
  • Sudan: 45,722,000
  • Kenya: 42,749,000
  • Algeria: 36,486,000
  • Uganda: 35,621,000
  • Morocco: 32,599,000
  • Ghana: 25,546,000
  • Mozambique: 24,475,000
  • Cote d'Ivoire: 20,595,000
  • Cameroon: 20,469,000
  • Angola: 20,163,000

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