About Fiji

"Fiji" is a name that evokes a number of images, all of them quite pleasant. There are beautiful turquoise ocean beaches, majestic hanging palms, and even a collection of cultural sites in one of the country's largest cities. A popular stopover location for those traveling between North America and Australia, tourism represents one of the most prominent industries in Fiji, thanks to its year-round potential as a sunny vacation destination. 

Fiji Trivia

Which Continent is Fiji In?

Fiji is located near Australia and New Zealand in the Pacific Ocean. Fiji is a country and an archipelago in the southern Pacific Ocean and is part of the continent of Oceania.

What Continent is Fiji In?

What Religions Are Practiced In Fiji?

Fiji has a diverse religious landscape, but Christianity is the religion of the majority. Other religions practiced in the country include Hinduism, Islam, and Sikhism.

Religion in Fiji: Important Facts and Figures

What is the Biggest City in Fiji?

Suva is Fiji’s biggest city and the administrative and political capital of Fiji. It is also a major cosmopolitan city in the region.

The Biggest Cities And Towns In Fiji

What Languages Are Spoken In Fiji?

English, Fijian, and Hindi are the three official languages of Fiji. Most indigenous Fijians, accounting for about 54% of the population, speak Fijian. About 37% of the population comprising of Fijians of Indian descent speak Hindi or Fiji Hindi. English, a remnant of the British colonial rule in the country, serves as the lingua franca of Fiji. It is the primary language used in education, business, government communications, media, etc. Several other minority languages like Chinese, Rotuman, etc., are spoken by ethnic minorities in the country.

Languages Of Fiji

What Kind of Government Does Fiji Have?

Fiji is a parliamentary representative democratic republic where the Prime Minister of Fiji is the head of the government of the country.

What Type Of Government Does Fiji Have?

What Are The Major Natural Resources Of Fiji?

Fiji is rich in natural resources including arable land, forests, fish, minerals, and beautifuls scenery.

What Are The Major Natural Resources Of Fiji?

What is the Currency of Fiji?

The official currency of Fiji is the Fijian dollar.

What Is the Currency of Fiji?

What is the Biggest Island in Fiji?

The biggest island in Fiji is Viti Levu. It is more than 10,388 square kilometers in size.

The Biggest Islands In Fiji