About Fact or Fiction?

Which mysteries of geography are real, and which are made-up? Are some fantasy worlds really real places, or are they just a result of a vivid imagination? Are dragons real animals? Are there more grains of sand on earth or stars in the universe? These are the kind of questions we seek to answer in our fact or fiction section. We can't guarantee that we have all of the answers, but we will do our best to have some of them! 

Assorted Fact or Fiction

Are There More Men or Women in the World?

There are more men than women in the world, but only slightly. The United Nations estimates the number of men to be approximately 3.77 billion and the population of women to be 3.71 billion. According to a 2015 study from the National Academy of Science, women conceive boys more often than they do girls.

Are There More Men or Women in the World?

Do Kangaroos Live Outside of Australia?

Kangaroos are only found in Australia.

Are Kangaroos Only Found In Australia?

Where Is Atlantis?

Atlantis is a fictional island that was first described by Plato some 2,400 years ago. The island nation was alleged to be an imperial superpower in the ancient world, possessing over 10,000 chariots and a large number of bulls and elephants.

Where Is Atlantis? Is Atlantis Real?

Does It Snow In Australia?

Numerous Australian cities receive snow during the winter and some parts of Australia can receive significant amounts of snowfall contributing to a seasonal ski-tourism industry.

Does It Snow In Australia?

Is Greenland Bigger than Australia?

Although Greenland might appear larger than Australia on most maps, Australia is actually more than 3 times larger than Greenland.

Is Greenland Larger Than Australia?

How Long Will It Take To Develop A Coronavirus Vaccine?

Experts are estimating it will take at least several months to a year for a coronavirus vaccine to be developed.

How Long Will It Take To Develop A Coronavirus Vaccine?

Who is Lewis Powell?

Lewis Powell was born in 1907 in Virginia, and attended Washington and Lee University and Harvard Law School. Powell worked in the firm of Hunton, Williams, Gay and Moore from 1935, becoming a partner three years later.

Was Roe Vs. Wade Decided By a Republican Court?

Who Owns Oak Island?

As of 2017, 78% of the island was owned by Oak Island Tours Inc., which is in turn owned by Dan Blankenship and David Tobias while the remaining 22% is owned by several families

What is Oak Island?