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9 Most Scenic Road Trips to take in Maine

Road tripping, an adventure in itself, comes with the freedom to stop, go, and wander at one's own pace. This flexibility makes every turn and detour a potential discovery waiting to unfold. Nowhere is this truer than in Maine. In Maine, road-tripping is not merely a journey from point A to B; it is a personal narrative of discovery, adventure, and appreciation. So, pack your bags, call your friends, and buckle up. We have curated nine of the best road trip routes through this picturesque state, from the heights of the mountains to the depths of the sea. Ready to hit the road?

The Golden Road, Baxter State Park

Sandy Stream Pond and North Basin in the fall, Baxter State Park, Northern Maine
Sandy Stream Pond and North Basin in the fall, Baxter State Park, Northern Maine

Traversing through Maine's wilderness, the Golden Road unfurls a breathtaking panorama. For 96 miles, travelers capture the raw beauty of Mount Katahdin, Maine's highest peak. The rugged terrain challenges the adventurous with hiking trails that wind through dense forests and ascend rocky outcrops. Encounters with Maine's wildlife—moose, deer, and a range of bird species—remain a commonplace occurrence, giving spectators a true immersion in nature's vitality. In winter, travelers brave the cold for an extremely rare event: a glimpse of the ethereal Northern Lights, painting the sky in dazzling colors.

Acadia All-American Road, Bar Harbor

Autumn in Acadia National Park, Maine
Autumn in Acadia National Park, Maine

A journey through the Acadia All-American Road unfurls a symphony of natural grandeur. Winding through Acadia National Park, Park Loop Road presents a kaleidoscope of coastal views that leave an indelible impression. A network of carriage roads built by philanthropist John D. Rockefeller Jr. serves as a testament to conservation efforts, blending human endeavor with environmental respect. The trip culminates at the summit of Cadillac Mountain, revered as the first spot in the United States to greet the morning sun—an experience that adds a touch of enchantment to the adventure.

Old Canada Road, Bingham

Old Canada Road National Scenic Byway in Maine, via
Old Canada Road National Scenic Byway in Maine, via

Historically an immigrant and logging route between Canada and Maine, the Old Canada Road, also known as Route 201, carries the remnants of a time long past, of the fur trade and British and French interaction. It unfolds a scenic vista that combines cultural heritage with natural allure. The road traces the serpentine path of the Kennebec River, offering a continuously changing backdrop. The changing seasons imprint their own charm; in autumn, the foliage turns to fiery hues, attracting leaf-peepers from around the country. Thrill-seekers relish the white-water rafting opportunities, courtesy of the tumultuous river flow that adds a dash of excitement to the serene landscape.

Route 1, Brunswick to Machias

Bridge on Route 1 in Machias, via
Bridge on Route 1 in Machias, via Wikipedia Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International 

Coastal charm defines Route 1, an exploration of Maine's eastern seaboard. Starting in Brunswick, a bustling college town that beautifully blends academia and small-town charisma, the road proceeds to Harpswell. A haven for seafood lovers, Harpswell boasts lobster shacks where fresh catch transforms into delectable cuisine. A turn away from the road leads to Reid State Park, the sandy beaches and tidal pools of which have etched many a memory. As the journey culminates in Machias, the sight of the 1808 West Quoddy Head lighthouse standing guard over the roiling Atlantic Ocean underlines the maritime heritage of the region.

Million Dollar View Scenic Byway, Danforth

Million Dollar Scenic Byway, Maine, via
 Million Dollar Scenic Byway, Maine, via Million Dollar View Scenic Byway | Maine's Aroostook County (

The aptly named Million Dollar View Scenic Byway affords a visual feast for spectators. With the Chiputneticook Lakes painting a mesmerizing canvas on one side and the undulating Appalachian Mountains on the other, the Byway is a testament to Maine's diverse terrain. The road's reputation as a haven for birdwatchers amplifies its charm; bald eagles frequently grace the skies, delighting avian enthusiasts. Moose, an iconic symbol of Maine, often emerge from the forest cover, giving the Byway its reputation as a wildlife-watching hotspot.

Route 27, Carrabassett Valley

Rest Area off Route 27 in Carrabasset Valley near the Carrabasset River, via
Rest Area off Route 27 in Carrabasset Valley near the Carrabasset River, via

Route 27 carves a path through Maine's ski country, presenting an engaging contrast between manmade allure and natural spectacle. The road leads to Sugarloaf Mountain, a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts. Adrenaline seekers descend its powdery slopes, while the less adventurous enjoy serene gondola rides, observing the magnificent landscape from above. Further along the route, the Appalachian Trail crosses, luring intrepid hikers to its challenging paths. A historic site waits in New Portland—the Wire Bridge, a relic from the 19th century, serves as a silent testament to the region's past.

Route 113, Gilead to Standish

Trees on Route 113 in Maine
Trees on Route 113 in Maine

Route 113, a passage through the White Mountain National Forest, celebrates the vibrant natural tapestry of Maine. It greets travelers with the fall foliage spectacle that transfigures the landscape into a riot of colors. The views from Evans Notch exhibit unspoiled beauty—a sight that encapsulates the spirit of Maine's wilderness. Opportunities for outdoor recreation abound. Fishing enthusiasts find solace in the rivers teeming with aquatic life, while hikers explore trails that vanish into the verdant forest. Encounters with wildlife—deer, foxes, and a myriad of bird species—instill a sense of harmony with nature.

The Schoodic National Scenic Byway, Winter Harbor

The Schoodic National Scenic Byway in Maine
 The Schoodic National Scenic Byway in Maine via Scenic Byways | Discover DownEast Acadia

The rugged appeal of The Schoodic National Scenic Byway unveils Maine's lesser-known side. The Schoodic Peninsula shows off a rocky coastline that stands resilient against the Atlantic's waves—a sight that inspires awe and admiration. Far across the waters, the silhouette of Cadillac Mountain mesmerizes observers, especially during sunrise and sunset when the play of light paints mesmerizing hues. Fishing villages punctuate the route, their quaint charm a reminder of Maine's deep-rooted maritime traditions. 

Moosehead Lake Loop

Moosehead Lake in Maine
Moosehead Lake in Maine

The Moosehead Lake Loop invites spectators to indulge in serene vistas of the state's largest lake, surrounded by forested hills and dramatic landscapes. The drive presents frequent sightings of moose, an iconic symbol of Maine, lending the route its name. Greenville, a 19th-century logging town at the southern end of the lake, adds a touch of history to the journey. The town's past lives on in its logging museum, a homage to Maine's industrial heritage. Against the backdrop of Maine's verdant wilderness, the Moosehead Lake Loop weaves together threads of history, wildlife, and panoramic views into a compelling narrative.

Maine, often referred to as "Vacationland," offers the quintessential road trip experience. From the hushed tranquility of its forests to the lively chatter of its coastal towns, Maine's landscapes offer a refreshing change of scenery to the humdrum of daily life. So, whether you are chasing the Northern Lights on the Golden Road or retracing the historic trade routes along the Old Canada Road, Maine promises a road trip that leaves a lasting impression. Embark on a journey through Maine, and let the spirit of the road guide you.


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