Aerial view of Saint Louis, Missouri.

9 Affordable Summer Vacation Spots In Missouri

Missouri's capital is often known as the Gateway to the West owing to its history as the intermediate state between the East and West coasts. However, Missouri is so much more than an in-between state! Missouri is the birthplace of Samuel Clemens, better known as Mark Twain. The locals celebrate and preserve his legacy throughout the state with monuments, historic homes, and museums. Remember to visit the state's many state parks and waterparks! And the best part is, you won't have to break the bank to have a great time. 

Garden House Bed And Breakfast, Hannibal

Hannibal, Missouri
The town of Hannibal Missouri. Editorial credit: Sabrina Janelle Gordon /

The Garden House Bed and Breakfast, located in Hannibal, is perfect for couples and families to take time away from the busy world. Built in 1895, this gorgeous rustic building provides an ideal setting for a restful and rejuvenating time amidst the local history and culture. Since its founding, the family-owned business strove to bring the beauty of nature home in their bed and breakfast atmosphere. 

Their many rooms include the South, East, and North suites. Each suite has a color scheme and designs intended to bring out the best in the environment. The South room uses a yellow rose pattern, the west wing uses cherrywood colors, and the east suite boasts a queen size bed with a white canopy. The Mississippi River flows right past this gorgeous site, giving tourists a perfect view of the state's majesty. And this place is very reasonably priced. Rooms in this luxurious suite cost around $250.00, but you can find special deals and bargains on their website. 

Mark Twain Boyhood Home

Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum in Hannibal, Missouri
Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum in Hannibal, Missouri.

The Mark Twain Boyhood Home is just a few minutes from the Garden House Bed and Breakfast. The house retains the exact rustic nature of its founding and still has the same old charm as when the famous writer called it home. The Clemens family purchased the house between 1843-44, and served as their home until 1853. 

Visitors should plan their trip in advance since it's one of the most popular sites in Hannibal, Missouri. You can buy your tickets in advance online to ensure you have a place when you stop by! Tickets are affordable, costing $14.00 for adults and $6.00 for children. The house is beautiful, with era-accurate furnishings and displays. The Tom and Huck Statue Grounds is another must-see location in this lovely location. 

Roaring River State Park 

Roaring River State Park Overlook
Roaring River State Park in Missouri.

Located in southern Missouri, Roaring River State Park is an ideal outdoor location for anyone hoping to see all Missouri offers. You can rent a basic or electric campground for $16-$26.00 per night. Or, depending on your needs, you can rent a more advanced campsite with electricity, water, and sewers. 

The fancier campgrounds are also remarkably affordable, costing $62.00 per night. Just because they're inexpensive doesn't mean they're boring, though. The state park offers much, including abundant fishing and hiking trails. Visitors can also visit the Nature Center to appreciate this park's natural splendor better. You're sure to love their many displays and informational pieces. 

Beebe's Roaring River Waterslide

Just a few miles north of Roaring River State Park is one of the best waterslides in Missouri. A favorite spot for locals, it's a great way to mingle with the citizens of Missouri while experiencing a good time. The fantastic water slide is excellent for families with children or adventurous adults wanting to have some fun! 

There's a small fee for an hour of slide use, which will undoubtedly be used well. The surrounding grassy landscape and trees provide the perfect environment for a picnic or lounging. And you can get yourself and your family a snowcone at the little shop in the park. If you plan to camp at Roaring River Park, Beebe's Waterslide is ideal for a day!


Stockton Lake in Stockton, Missouri.
Stockton Lake in Stockton, Missouri.

Stockton is a beautiful, clean, upscale town along Stockton Lake in western Missouri. It's a perfect blend of rustic midwestern towns with some ideal sites to experience upper-class dining and reasonably priced lodging. 

The Venue hosts the Cabins At Stockton Lake, which are luxurious and beautiful cabins along the water. The cabins include a flatscreen tv, basketball court, golf course, wifi, and much more for as little as $199.00 per night. They're close to boating and fishing sites at the fantastic local lake. Drop in at Hammons Black Walnut Emporium for excellent, healthy food! They pride themselves on providing and growing the best black walnuts in Missouri and educating the community on how to use them! 


The Mark Twain Memorial Shrine located within Mark Twain State Park in Florida, Missouri.
The Mark Twain Memorial Shrine located within Mark Twain State Park in Florida, Missouri.

Most wouldn't expect to find a place named Florida in Missouri, but this charming town's nestled along Mark Twain Lake in Monroe County. The birthplace of Mark Twain, Florida, offers a spectacular blend of history and modern excitement. 

Visitors should plan a whole day to visit the historic Mark Twain birth spot. Located not far from Mark Twain State Park, the entire region is steeped in history and reflects the literary genius of the writer. And like Roaring River State Park, Mark Twain State Park has terrific campgrounds at cheap prices. It's a great place to spend the weekend so you can enjoy the site's history, all while in the beauty of nature. Not far from the campground and historical monument is the Florida Resort and Winery. This is a great spot to finish your trip if you love excellent wine. 

Saint Louis

Downtown Saint Louis, Missouri.
Downtown Saint Louis, Missouri.

Just two hours south of Florida, Missouri, is the capital of this majestic state, Saint Louis. Saint Louis is known as the Gateway to the West, with the Great Arch, a symbolic marker of this concept. While Saint Louis is the more expensive spot in Missouri, it also has many free or inexpensive activities to enjoy!

First, the Great Arch is a must-see spot for tourists in the state. You can get a tour package of the arch and the surrounding waterway for less than a hundred dollars. The "See everything combo" is the best option, costing only $41.00 for adults, providing a ride to the top of the arch, and much more. The Grey Fox is another lovely site to visit in the city. While the shows can be costly, a historical theater tour only costs $10.00. You'll see this majestic theater built in 1927, learn about its history, and experience an organ presentation! 

Moonrise Hotel 

Sign of Moonrise Hotel, Missouri.
Sign of Moonrise Hotel, Missouri. Editorial credit: Jean Villanueva /

The Moonrise Hotel is a popular place to stay in downtown Saint Louis. This site isn't only ideal for an entertaining and engaging trip to the city, but it's also affordable! The Superior King suite costs only $159.00 per night and includes a luxury bed, comfortable blankets, HD TV, internet, coffee maker, and a mini-fridge. 

While the Superior King Suite is spacious, larger rooms are available that aren't expensive. But this hotel offers more than an affordable place to lay your head. Three fantastic restaurants are on site, including the Twilight Room, Roof Top Garden, and the Eclipse Restaurant. Whatever you desire, you'll find it at one of these restaurants! These places serve handcrafted cocktails and tasty meals. You'll look out over the gorgeous Saint Louis skyline the whole time! 

The Brown Manor

The town of Malden, Missouri.
The town of Malden, Missouri. Image credit: Brian Stansberry via Wikimedia Commons.

Located three hours from the capital of Missouri in Malden, this rustic and traditional bed and breakfast is sure to take your breath away. Brown Manor strives to create an atmosphere of rest in their finely manicured lawns and artistically crafted gardens. After contacting the host, you can book the Junior Suite, Honeymoon Suite, or Presidential Suite for reasonable prices. 

The Junior Suite is the most affordable, costs $65.00 per night, and hosts two guests. However, the Presidential and Honeymoon Suites are inexpensive, costing $80.00 per night. The surrounding region is charming and welcoming, so there's plenty to do on and off-site. Fishing, golfing, and hiking are all popular pastimes in the town. 

If you're seeking a restful and welcoming state to visit this summer, Missouri is the place for you. Known for their southern hospitality, you'll always feel welcomed and embraced no matter where you travel in the state. Missouri's also a great place if you're looking for an exciting time at affordable prices. With several homely bed and breakfasts and sprawling state parks, there's something for everyone. Hike the hills, ride the waterslide, and eat fantastic food while traveling the Gateway to the West! 


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