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Where is Hughes County, Oklahoma?

location of Hughes county on a map

Hughes County is a county equivalent area found in Oklahoma, USA. The county government of Hughes is found in the county seat of Holdenville.

With a total 2,110.53 sq. km of land and water area, Hughes County, Oklahoma is the 1141st largest county equivalent area in the United States. Home to 13,806 people, Hughes County has a total 6225 households earning 34619 on average per year.

Hughes County, Oklahoma - Quick Facts

FIPS Code 40063
Area Codes 405,918
Time Zone CST
Major Cities Holdenville (population: 8,229), Wetumka (population: 2,500), Stuart (population: 1,073), Calvin (population: 1,049), Dustin (population: 763), Atwood (population: 382), Lamar (population: 279)
Land Area 5,331 sq miles
Water Area 805 sq miles
Household Income $34,619
Housing Units 6,225
Median Home Value $66,200
High School Grads 77% of population
Holders of Bachelors Degrees 11% of population
Retail Spending $6,407 per capita
Food & Accomodation Sales $9,340 per capita

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This page was last updated on June 30, 2016.