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Where is Weston, FL?

map showing the location of Weston

Weston is a city found in Florida, The United States Of America. It is located 26.10 latitude and -80.40 longitude and it is situated at elevation 7 meters above sea level.

Weston has a population of 65,333 making it the 41st biggest city in Florida. It operates on the EDT time zone, which means that it follows the same time zone as Jacksonville.

Quick facts

Country The United States Of America
State Florida
Population 65,333
Elevation 7 m over sea level
Time Zone EDT
Longitude -80.399770
Latitude 26.100370

Weston has a population of around 68423, of which 33662 (49%) are male and 34761 (50%) are female. The average age of the inhabitants of Weston is 35.54, meaning that the average person is below the national median age of 37. For every male, there are approximately 1.03 females, meaning that the population is relatively evenly distributed between males and female(s).

Of Weston's 68423 residents, around 66665 (97.40%) identify as having a single race. The majority of the population is white, which consists of 85.30% of the population. Of the remaining population, 3104 are black/African Americans (4.50%), 305 are native Americans (0.40%), 3233 are asians (4.70%), 18 are pacific islanders (0.00%), 1606 are other (2.30%).

The median income of households in Weston is $93814.00, meaning that most of the households are above the poverty threshold for families of three. Of the total population, 3.80% of households reported an annual income of less than $10,000.

Weston, FL Zipcodes

The city of Weston has 4 zipcodes recognized by the United States Census Bureau: 33326, 33327, 33331, 33332.

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