Sardis Dam and reservoir lake on the Tallahatchie River at John W Kyle State Park in Panola County, Mississippi.

10 Most Beautiful Lakes In Mississippi

Known as the “Magnolia State,” Mississippi is one of the Southern United States’ most fascinating places, where history and nature provide a unique experience for all. Though widely celebrated for the mighty Mississippi River, the State is also full of excellent lake areas with plenty of fun activities and tranquil relaxation. From soaking up the sun to water sports and, of course, fishing, these beautiful Mississippi lakes are great ways to further appreciate the wonderful Southern atmosphere of America. 

Sardis Lake

Beautiful Sardis Lake and dam
Beautiful Sardis Lake and dam in Mississippu

Sardis Lake is a reservoir of the Tallahatchie River and covers a very large area of nearly 100,000 acres. Considered one of Mississippi’s most beautiful and diverse Lakes, any visitor can enjoy plenty of sailing, water skiing, fishing, swimming, and camping opportunities. In fact, thousands of tourists from across the State and beyond visit Sardis Lake every year, making it one of the “Magnolia State’s” most popular water attractions. Near the John W. Kyle State Park, a number of great boutique stores and restaurants can also be found at the Sardis Lake Marina. Indeed with its stunning ambiance and plentiful activities, it is not difficult to see why this Lake is so sought after and cherished.

Clear Springs Lake 

The signboard welcoming tourists to the Homochitto National Forest, the location of the Clear Springs Lake.
The signboard welcoming tourists to the Homochitto National Forest, the location of the Clear Springs Lake.

Within the Homochitto National Forest, Clear Springs Lake is a beautiful body of water surrounded by stunning forested views. A popular place for camping, fishing, swimming, and picnicking, visitors can also enjoy splendid hiking and biking trails around this relatively small lake. Covering an area of just under five hectares, Clear Springs Lake is indeed full of fun and beauty for its size. Whether one takes a family camping trip or a solo excursion for a slice of tranquility, this wonderful lake is a treat for anyone in Mississippi. 

Arkabutla Lake 

Arkabutla Lake and Dam in DeSoto and Tate Counties, Mississippi. Image credit: Thomas R Machnitzki, via Wikimedia Commons

A reservoir of the Coldwater River, Arkabutla Lake sees upwards of two million visitors each year! And with several fun activities like swimming, fishing, sailing, and picnicking on the shores, it should be no surprise that Arkabutla Lake is one of Mississippi’s most sought-after destinations. With waters full of such fish species like the largemouth bass, the bluegill, and the blue catfish, among others, anglers will surely love the time spent at this Lake. Indeed covering an impressive area of 230 square kilometers, Arkabutla Lake is never short on space for an excellent outing for various interests. 

Lake Bill Waller 

Lake Bill Water, Mississippi
A largemouth bass fish in the lake's waters.

At Lake Bill Waller, professionals and amateurs can enjoy some of the best fishing in all of Mississippi. Covering an area of 168 acres, this lake, named after a former State Governor, is full of such species like bluegill, catfish, and largemouth bass. Located in Marion County, Lake Bill Waller is administered by State biologists who ensure that responsible fishing will maintain healthy populations of its aquatic species. In addition, the surrounding area is also known for its hunting grounds, which makes this southern Mississippi lake an all-around great place to spend time outdoors.

Pickwick Lake

The view from a lake house deck overlooking the Pickwick lake.
The view from a lake house deck overlooking the Pickwick lake.

With a surface area covering some 43,100 acres, the reservoir Pickwick Lake traverses three States, including Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi. Well known for its quality fishing, catfish and smallmouth bass species are popular catches for professional and amateur anglers alike. Adjacent to the J.P. Coleman State Park, in addition to fishing, visitors to the Lake will find great opportunities for sailing, swimming, and even water skiing. Indeed with its pleasant climate and easy access to fellow Southern States, Pickwick Lake is one of the best waterside attractions in this part of the United States.

Bay Springs Lake

Aerial view of Bay Springs Lake
Aerial view of Bay Springs Lake.

Another reservoir lake with a length of nine miles, Bay Springs Lake, is just south of Pickwick Lake. Crossing the counties of Tishomingo and Prentiss, respectively, this Lake is near the Bay Springs Marina and the Crows Neck Recreation and Environmental Center, where pontoon boat rentals are a great way to experience the surroundings. In addition, at the Piney Grove Recreation Area, outdoor lovers can relish up to 141 unique campsites perfect for enjoying all the serenity of nature. Go biking, hiking, or bring a picnic, spending time at Bay Springs Lake and its vicinity is a fine way to get acquainted with one of Mississippi’s best kept secrets.  

Enid Lake

Beautiful park view of Enid Lake in George Payne Cossar State Park at Oakland, Yalobusha County, Mississippi
Beautiful view of Enid Lake in George Payne Cossar State Park at Oakland, Yalobusha County, Mississippi.

Situated in Yalobusha County, the beautiful Enid Lake spans some 6,000 acres. A popular destination for outdoor activities on the water and in the surrounding areas, Enid Lake sees visitors from all across Mississippi. The lake is known for its rich fish diversity. Among the species present in the Lake are the bream, catfish, and largemouth bass. Additionally, camping, hiking, biking, and picnicking are all great ways to enjoy the atmosphere here. At the nearby George P. Cossar State Park, just under 80 campsites can be enjoyed all alongside the water’s edge, while a most amusing round of mini golf can also be played for a most special lakeside experience.

Grenada Lake

Clay stone beach in a Mississippi lake. Grenada Lake; Grenada, MS
Clay stone beach at Grenada Lake, Mississippi.

A reservoir on the 165-mile-long Yalobusha River, Grenada Lake covers an area of some 35,000 acres. Constructed in the 1950s to prevent flooding, besides its function as a dam, this Lake is popular for its camping and fishing activities. Indeed numerous fishing tournaments are held at Grenada Lake throughout the year, including the Grenada Lake Crappie Classic Tournament. In addition, an assortment of beautiful hiking and biking trails, picnic sites, boat launch ramps, and camping grounds make a visit to the Lake a most rewarding experience. Meanwhile, at the nearby Hugh White State Park, visitors can partake in waterskiing and even a most scenic round of golf.

Tunica Lake

Tunica Lake straddles the border between Mississippi and Arkansas and sits just east of the mighty Mississippi River. An oxbow lake, this 15-mile-long Lake covers a surface area of 2,500 acres where camping and fishing are always popular. Visitors and locals alike can also spend tranquil weekends in quaint lodgings at several cottages along the lakeshore. For the driving tourist, an RV park in the vicinity is another great way to experience the scenic beauty of this humble Lake.

Choctaw Lake

Shore and Reeds at Choctaw Lake in Mississippi
Shore and Reeds at Choctaw Lake in Mississippi.

Named after the Choctaw indigenous people, the reservoir Choctaw Lake is a beautiful, scenic body of water. Surrounded by the stunning Tombigbee National Forest, close encounters with some of Mississippi’s best nature can be enjoyed on this Lake and its vicinity. At the beautiful Lakeside Trail, nearly three miles of pristine nature and forested views greet the eye, while great campgrounds can be found around the Lake’s southwest corner. In addition, fun opportunities for swimming, sailing, and fishing are always popular, making Choctaw Lake a fantastic way to spend an afternoon.

The beautiful lakes of Mississippi, the “Magnolia State,” are some of the most stunning, charming, and relaxing locales for anyone in the Southern United States. Full of great activities like fishing, boating, swimming, and camping, any visitor to these splendid lakeshores will find plenty of beauty. Indeed for those looking to create lasting memories with the great outdoors, then a sojourn at any of Mississippi’s fine lakes is sure to be one of the best travel decisions one can make.


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