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Administrative territory of Perm Krai, Russia

Location of administrative territory of Perm Krai on a map

Perm Krai is a administrative territory found in the nation of Russia. Home to 2,819,421 people, it is the 15th largest division in Russia in terms of population.

Perm Krai gained its current status as a administrative territory in the year 2005. The government of Perm Krai is lead by Viktor Basarginand is based in the administrative territory capital of Perm (Population: 982,419).

The most populous cities in Perm Krai are: Perm (Population: 982,419), Berezniki (Population: 167,748), Solikamsk (Population: 100,812), Chaykovskiy (Population: 86,712), Lys'va (Population: 68,660).

Perm Krai Administrative territory - Quick Facts

Country Russia
Region Type Administrative territory
Time Zone +05
Year of Establishment 2005
Capital Perm (Population: 982,419)
Head of Government Viktor Basargin
Total Population 2,819,421
Total Area 160,600 sq km (62,008 sq miles)
Population Density 17.6 sq km (45.5 sq miles)
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