Village of Long Lake in the Adirondack Park, New York.

Long Lake, New York

One of the oldest towns in Adirondack Park, Long Lake has a special place in the area's history. The vast body of water that flows for 14 miles through what is essentially the geographic center of Adirondack Park is the source of the town's name. Although more than half of the coastline has been developed, a significant portion still has its original wilderness environment. The hamlet of Long Lake, which is located on the lake's southeastern coast, provides lodging options and recreational pursuits to make any stay enjoyable. 

Geography And Climate Of Long Lake

View of the town of Long Lake, New York, from the airplane
View of the town of Long Lake, New York, from the airplane. Image Credit: NHRHS2010 via Wikimedia Commons

Long Lake is a big town situated in Hamilton County in the US State of New York. The town is located at the center of more than 6 million acres of public and private lands that make up Adirondack Park. In terms of total area, Long Lake is New York's second-largest town. Long Lake covers a total area of 1,165.07 sq. km, of which 1,054.21 sq. km is occupied by land, and 110.86 sq. km is covered by water. With about 1.6 km maximum width, Long Lake is a shallow body of water with a length of 23 km. Long Lake forms a  part of the Raquette River System and finally drains into the St. Lawrence River

When humidity is considered, temperatures feel cold for roughly half the year and are pleasant overall, with chances of rain or snow for most of the year. The region is not as temperate as others. June is followed by July and August as the hottest months. Long Lake experiences its warmest month in July when the average high temperature is 75.5°F. With 4.3 inches of rain, October is the wettest month in Long Lake, and February is the driest with 2.6 inches. Long Lake is among the snowiest localities in the state, with an average yearly snowfall of 122.4 inches.

The Population And Economy Of Long lake

Adirondack Hotel in Long Lake, New York
Adirondack Hotel in Long Lake, New York. Image Credit: Mwanner via Wikimedia Commons

As per the latest US Census, Long Lake has a population of 791 residents. Its population is currently growing at a pace of 0.83% annually. Most of Long Lake's population is made up of White (90.7%), followed by Hispanics (4.3%) and Blacks (2.9%). Long Lake has a 13.22% poverty rate and a $71,980 average household income. The median cost of rent for the past few years is $613 per month, while the median value of a home is $202,200. In Long Lake, the median age is 58.5 years, with 59.3 years for men and 54.1 years for women.

With its lakes, rivers, mountains, long trails, and vast expanses of untouched forest, Long Lake also has some impressive advantages. While commercially advantageous, these wonders exponentially increase the population during the tourist season, placing greater pressure on services and resources. 

Attractions In And Around Long Lake

Buttermilk Falls

Buttermilk Falls
Buttermilk Falls, New York.

The foaming fall Buttermilk Falls is a great natural destination to explore near Long Lake. Located on the Raquette River in the Adirondack Mountains, the falls can be accessed by a short and easy trail starting at the North Point Road. Picnic tables along the river allows visitors to relax and enjoy the spectacular settings.

Owls Head Mountain

Fire Tower on Owls Head Mountain, Long Lake, New York
Fire Tower on Owls Head Mountain, Long Lake, New York. Image Credit: Marc Wanner via Wikimedia Commons

The Sargent Ponds Wild Forest, which spans an amazing 43,460 acres, includes Owls Head Mountain. A 35-ft-tall fire tower built in 1919 to replace the previous wooden one is perched on the mountain's topmost summit. The tower went dormant in the 1970s, but with volunteer work, it was repaired and is now accessible to the public. The summit cliffs of Owls Head also offer spectacular views.

Lake Eaton

For those who enjoy riding and strolling, Lake Eaton offers isolated locations, canoes, rowboats, kayaks, as well as a blacktopped road. Along the campground's northern edge is an interpretive nature trail. Numerous hiking options may be found nearby, including one trailhead that starts inside the campground and connects to three specific trails. A ton of shoreline fishing is also available up until ice-in.

Sargent Pond Wild Forest 

    Northern Hamilton County is home to the 43,460-acre Sargent Ponds Wild Forest in the Central Adirondacks. The land is a boreal swamp forest because a sizable portion of this enormous tract of spruce, balsam, and white cedar trees borders the Raquette River, Marion River, and Boulder Brook. This remote woodland area, frequented by canoeists, hunters, and fishermen, provides up-close encounters with Adirondack wildlife and bog plants. Old growth woodland is encountered along the trail to Sargent Ponds. 

    Long Lake is the ideal place to begin any adventure, whether you're looking to have a quiet vacation or need a base camp for exploring the hundreds of miles of waterways that run through the Adirondacks. The majestic Adirondack Mountains, lakes, and public areas that the Adirondack Park Agency preserves offer the ideal setting for a seemingly endless supply of recreational options.

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