El Reno, Oklahoma

You do not want to confuse the city of Reno, Nevada, with this El Reno of Oklahoma. Apart from one casino, the city does not offer significant casino life. However, it provides excellent hospitality, good food, and a cozy feel to its streets and neighborhoods.  

Geography And Climate Of El Reno 

El Reno is the seat of Canadian County in Central Oklahoma. It is about 28 miles away from Oklahoma City. The city covers an area of 80.4 square miles, with only 0.4 square miles being water. El Reno has located in the United States at the I-40 and U.S. Route 81 intersection. It is elevated 1,358 feet above sea level. There are no significant landforms that are represented in the city. 

The climate is continental, with sweltering summers and freezing winters. Summer lasts for about 3.4 months, from June to September. Temperatures average 85°F during the day and 71°F at night. The cold season also lasts for 3.4 months between November and February, with average temperatures dropping to 29°F at the extreme. The city and the area witnessed many tornadoes and earthquakes, droughts, and other natural disasters over the years. Precipitation averages 31.5 inches every year, which is higher than the U.S. average.   

Demographics Of El Reno 

The Population in El Reno as of 2022 is 21,405 people, with 2,328 being seniors. Females constitute 46.7% of the population, and Males are 53.30%.  The largest ethnic group in El Reno are Whites forming 63% of its residents. American Indians are represented well in the city with 10.1%. The remaining ethnic groups are African Americans and Hispanics. 96% of the residents are citizens about 5% were born outside of the country. The median age is 37, making the city closer to being middle-aged.  

Economy Of El Reno

El Reno
Water tower in El Reno, with buildings and vehicles in the background. Editorial credit: RaksyBH / Shutterstock.com

The city was always home to different industries such as manufacturing, distribution, and service businesses. Businesses find El Reno an attractive location because of the easy access to major highways like the I-40 and the I-35. Today, the median household income is $40,060 less than the U.S. average of $65,712. The difference is significant between the two medians, which places this town in the lower level of the U.S. cities. It is common for people to be employed in the Retail industry, food services, or Healthcare. However, the highest paying industry is Real estate, with an annual salary of $85,410.   

History Of El Reno

The city was originally located 5 miles north of its current location. This resulted in a mail mix-up between Reno, Nevada, and El Reno. El Reno was home to native Indian American tribes like the Cheyenne and the Arapaho. The city's name translates from Spanish into "the reindeer."Historic Fort Reno was constructed in 1874. Its first commander was General Philip Sheridan, who named it in honor of his companion in the civil war Gen. Jesse L. Reno. The fort was the site of camps made for prisoners of WWII. Today El Reno is the only city in Oklahoma with an operating streetcar in the downtown area. In 2006 the town's Great American Main Street Award was given to its revitalization program.  

Attractions In El Reno 

fort reno
Historic Fort Reno in El Reno, Oklahoma.

Although the city is small, there are several things that a visitor can enjoy, especially during the warmer period. A flashback into history, touring the Heritage Express Trolley, visiting Fort Reno, and wandering through the Canadian County Historical Museum is a beautiful experience to know the city's past.  Lake El Reno is the perfect site for outdoorsy people. It contains 333 acres of open land and 300 acres of water. Many activities can be done at the lake, such as swimming, boating, jet skiing, water skiing, and fishing. People with a love of nature can experience camping along the shores of the lake within the R.V. park. It also contains a remote control airplane field and motorcycle dirt track.