Coronado, California

Coronado, California

Coronado is a resort city in Southwestern California, United States. Its leisurely pace, sparkling beaches, family-friendly layout, and pleasant climate drive the summertime tourism for which the city is known. Visitors come from San Diego for a reprieve from the big city, from neighboring in-land states to escape the oppressive heat, or from all over to enjoy some time on the water, a bit of relaxation, and maybe indulge in some shopping or restaurant hopping. 

Geography Of Coronado

Victorian Hotel del Coronado
Victorian Hotel del Coronado in Coronado, California.

Coronado is located just off the coast of San Diego and is part of San Diego County. The island community sits between the North Pacific Ocean (to the West) and San Diego Bay (to the East). Coronado is just a few miles West of San Diego and can be accessed via the Coronado Ferry or the San Diego - Coronado Bridge. Coronado can also be reached from the South via the Silver Strand Boulevard, which passes over the sandbar bridge (known as a tombolo) and connects the island to mainland California. 

Climate Of Coronado

The Köppen Climate Classification for Coronado is a tropical and subtropical steppe climate. The average annual temperature is 66 degrees Fahrenheit. This ranges from an average of 73.6 degrees in August (the warmest month), to an average of 59.3 degrees in December (the coolest). The average annual precipitation is 9.4 inches, with the most rain falling in February and the least in July. The average relative humidity is around 71%. 

Population And Economy Of Coronado

Coronado, California
A View of Coronado Ferry Pier and San Diego. Editorial credit: KENNY TONG /

As of 2019, the population of Coronado was 23,731, which is a slight decline since 2000. The sex ratio is 53.9% male and 46.1% female, with a combined average age of 41.3 years. The standout cultural demographics are 73.6% white, 16.1% Hispanic, 3.2% Asian, and 3.1% Black.

In 2019, the average per capita income was $65,219, and the average household income was $115,872 (compared to the California average of $80,440). The average property value was over $1,000,000 (compared to the state average of $568,500). The percentage of Coronado residents living in poverty was registered at 5.8%. 

A Brief History Of Coronado

The modern history of Coronado (which is Spanish for "the crowned one") kicked off in 1886 with the formation of the Coronado Beach Company, which aimed to develop a renowned resort town. This vision was quickly realized with the construction of the Hotel del Coronado only two years later. This iconic structure immediately put Coronado on the map as a premier seaside destination. The luxury accommodation was complemented by Tent City, a 1,000-tent campground that emerged nearby and further boosted the summertime crowds. Visitors enjoyed not only the beaches and water activities, but also the carnival fun. Tent City thrived from 1900 until 1939. 

The island's North side was bought and utilized by the US government for military operations. In 1911, the Navy first set up camp. Then, in 1917, a naval air station was built, which in 1963 was deemed "The Birthplace of Naval Aviation." The Army also operated in this area until 1937. 

Visiting Coronado

coronado, california
Sea chairs in Coronado Beach along Ocean Boulevard on Pacific Ocean, Coronado.

To this day, Coronado continues to be a cherished tourist destination. It draws big names and big crowds, all seeking sun-soaked leisure and/or some family fun. Some of the highlights include: 

Strolling along Orange Avenue, which was named for the orange trees that once lined the city's main artery. The trees have been removed, but the charm lives on. Plenty of pretty sights and fun activities comprise this stretch. Some folks will certainly want to spend time in the Coronado Museum of History and Art to heal their sunburns and stimulate their minds. 

People pedal on surrey bikes past the Hotel del Coronado in Coronado, California. Editorial credit: Sherry V Smith /

Visit the Hotel del Coronado. See where it all started and snap some pictures of the Queen Anne architecture and what's described as "wedding cake trim" and red roof turrets that accent the gigantic shoreline structure. 

Hit the beach - particularly the 1.5-mile Coronado Beach for some tanning, light surf, or a refreshing swim. You may even see some epic sandcastle constructions. 

Coronado is a prized summertime destination for a good reason. It is conveniently located just outside of San Diego, and the coastal atmosphere is a welcome respite from the scorching heat of the landlocked neighboring states of Arizona and Nevada. The refreshing waters and welcoming vibes will surely keep Coronado as a top-of-mind resort city for some time to come. 

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