Rock Springs is the 5th Largest Town in Wyoming and a Stop on a Passenger Train Line.

8 Senior-Friendly Towns in Wyoming

The Equality State became the first to demand women’s voting rights in 1869. Now it is where retirees will find the best bang for their buck along with striking wilderness, tranquil scenes, and friendly communities. For anyone who has ever wanted to move into a national park, Wyoming stands as best compromise, with access to seven. About half of Wyoming is owned by the federal government, ensuring the state’s biomes are kept pristine for admiring eyes. Roll down the window and smell the clean air. The 44th state has the most senior-friendly towns in the union.


Kemmerer, Wyoming. Editorial credit: davidrh /
Kemmerer, Wyoming. Editorial credit: davidrh /

Kemmerer was rated the safest place in Wyoming to live in 2024 by New Home Source. This should not be surprising considering its crime rate which is 73% below the national average. The county seat for Lincoln County was incorporated in 1899 and has maintained history from each proceeding decade for the enjoyment of everyone. For anyone wanting to delve deeper into history of the land, the town is a mere fifteen-minute drive to Fossil Butte National Monument.

Observe imprints of ancient life so clear, the park bills itself as “America’s aquarium in stone.” The South Lincoln Hospital District proved its worth by treating coal miners throughout the years. The modern facility is open 24 hours per day for peace of mind. Its website also offers a live chat option, potentially saving residents from making an unnecessary trip. The people of Lincoln County respect everyone’s time.


Evanston, Wyoming, USA. Editorial credit: Kirkam /
Evanston, Wyoming, USA. Editorial credit: Kirkam /

Escape to a high-altitude town ensconced by enough nature to ensure every walk involves discovery. Evanston was rated the most affordable town in Wyoming by New Home Source. The honor is no doubt due to its home price-to-income ratio of 2.87%. For such a bargain price, Evanstonians have access to Bear River State Park and Bear River Greenway and their own unparalleled, historic downtown. Visit the Evanston Roundhouse Complex while scoping out the scene. The sprawling, semi-circular building was completed in the 1910s and includes a steam engine that is currently being restored.


Panoramic aerial view of Jackson Hole homes and beautiful mountains on a summer morning, Wyoming.
Panoramic aerial view of Jackson Hole homes and beautiful mountains on a summer morning in Wyoming.

Imagine watching the seasons change while floating down the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park. Jackson is a dream retirement waiting for a retiree. Jackson Town Square is a testament as to why. The green space is emblematic of what is missing from new American towns these days: a vibrant meeting place around which a community builds itself.

Frequent visits to the Astoria Hot Springs allow residents to monitor and manage stress levels. Jackson is an opportunity to live in step with nature. Visit the National Elk Refuge to see bighorn sheep, coyotes, and, of course, elk in their natural habitats.


Ayres Natural Bridge Park in Wyoming, USA.
Ayres Natural Bridge Park in Wyoming, USA.

Glenrock is the ideal choice for anyone looking to retire to a small mountain town with the convenience of a larger city being nearby. It was deemed the second safest town in Wyoming, and the town is packed with natural, historical, and cultural wonders such as the Ayres Natural Bridge, Fort Fetterman State Historic Site, and the famous Rusty’s Knotty Pine Saloon. Rusty’s Knotty Pine’s infectious spirit evokes all-time performances from complete strangers on karaoke nights. The Glenrock Health Center is a rural health clinic that has been serving the community since 1958. They are currently accepting new patients, and walk-ins are always welcome.


Annual hot air balloon festival in Riverton, Wyoming. Editorial credit: Wirestock Creators /
Annual hot air balloon festival in Riverton, Wyoming. Editorial credit: Wirestock Creators /

Discover why Riverton is also known as Rendezvous City. The town was built in a natural basin that has served as a meeting place for people for thousands of years. Riverton is the perfect place to stay active and make new friends. The summer pickleball league at the City Park tennis courts is a certified summertime hit. There is also a walking club and opportunities to rent a community plot of soil for those without a garden of their own.

The town takes good care of its residents. Measures are taken in the warmer months to control the mosquito population. The SageWest Hospital is open 24 hours per day. The current ER wait time is always posted on the front page of their website to ensure transparency with the community. Where else on Earth could one live near something as magical as the Castle Gardens Petroglyph Site?


Worland, Wyoming. Editorial credit: melissamn /
Worland, Wyoming. Editorial credit: melissamn /

Welcome to Big Horn Mountain country. The scents of roasting meat fill the Wyoming air in late summer, thanks to Worland. The Pepsi Barbecue and Bluegrass Festival hits Worland every August, bringing satellite attractions with it such as a stunning car show. Worland is a retirement wonderland every day of the year.

The town was rated the 3rd safest in Wyoming, with a crime rate below the national average. Take in a view of colorful desert racing the blue sky to the ends of the horizon on the Gooseberry Badlands Scenic Overlook and Trail. Future retirees scoping out the scene ought not forget to check out the Washakie Museum and Cultural Center.

Green River

Green River, Wyoming.
Green River, Wyoming.

The Golden Hour Senior Center in Green River is waiting with over a year’s worth of events planned. According to their website, Golden Hour “enrich(es) the lives and support(s) the independence of older adults through nutrition, socialization, education and physical activity.” Green River makes it easy to live healthy and free as it becomes increasingly more expensive to do so nationwide. The town was placed as the 3rd most affordable town in Wyoming, with a Home Price to Income Ratio of 2.83%.

The Seedskadee National Wildlife ensures no one needs to travel far to find wilderness and breathtaking views. Green River’s historic downtown is the perfect spot for shopping. Be sure to stop by Red White Buffalo when checking out the scene. Red White Buffalo has an impressive collection of handmade products from all over Wyoming.

Rock Springs

Rock Springs, Wyoming, High Desert.
Rock Springs, Wyoming, High Desert.

Imagine peering into an orange sunset dipping below orange bluffs, all reflected off the pristine waters of the Flaming Gorge Reservoir. A bus tour through the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area in Rock Springs is perhaps the best introduction to one of America’s best-kept retirement secrets. Life can be fast or slow in Rock Springs. After checking out the races at Sweetwater Speedway, take a leisurely drive through Pilot Butte Wild Horse Scenic Loop. In Rock Springs, there are endless possibilities, and the average home price is $317,800. The town has three hospitals that are open 24 hours a day, along with several clinics to meet various needs. The crime rate in Rock Springs is below the national average. Rock Springs is emblematic of why Wyoming is an ideal spot for retirees.

Wyoming is beautiful because Wyomingites work hard to keep it that way. Please pick up trash found while on nature walks in the state’s many trails. Report all sightings of invasive plant and animal species to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. Also, please remember that Europeans were only the most recent group of people to call the 44th state home. The Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho nations, for instance, live on America’s seventh-largest reservation near Riverton. Choosing products from Native American-owned businesses is a great way to offer support.

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