Sailboats and motorboats rest at anchor in Rockport Harbor, Maine, on a beautiful summer day.

7 Towns Perfect for Retirement in Maine

Maine offers many reasons for retirees to call it their forever home. The Pine Tree State enjoys one of the lowest average home sale prices in the country and an affordable cost of living. Its cities are generally safe and provide plenty of outdoor opportunities to keep seniors on their feet. not to mention the availability of healthy seafood and the culture-rich communities domiciled in the state.

With all these positive attributes, it is easy to see why pensioners are increasingly choosing to settle in Maine. While major destinations like Portland might seem like a more enticing option due to their wealth of amenities, the smaller, rural towns make for a better fit because of their slow pace of life and a stronger sense of community. If you are planning to call time on your career in the near future, these beautiful coastal towns will certainly beckon you to consider retirement in Maine!


Sparhawk Mill , formerly a cotton mill house exterior by bridge street dam in Yarmouth, Maine
Sparhawk Mill , formerly a cotton mill house exterior by bridge street dam in Yarmouth, Maine.

Serene coastal landscapes and small-town charm make Yarmouth an easy choice for retirees seeking peace of mind in their sunset years. This riverside gem sits about 12 miles from Portland, providing quick access to vital amenities in the big city. It has plenty of relaxed open spaces ideal for communing with nature, including the Royal River Park and the Spear Farm Estuary Preserve. Sandy Point Beach also comes in handy whenever you crave a dip in the water or a picnic on the smooth sands.

Yarmouth is known for hosting the largest revolving and rotating globe in the world. Visiting the quirky Eartha Globe makes for a delightful indoor pursuit for retirees. Meanwhile, several assisted living communities in the town guarantee seniors much-needed help when they cannot support themselves, including Bay Square at Yarmouth. The only thing is that real estate prices are not the cheapest in Yarmouth, as the median is around $749,000.


Rockport, Maine in a well-protected harbor just west of North Haven Island on Penobscot Bay.
Rockport, Maine in a well-protected harbor just west of North Haven Island on Penobscot Bay.

Rockport is a popular tourist spot with a vibrant art scene, scrumptious seafood scene, and beautiful outdoor scenery. This charming coastal village is home to the Andre the Seal Statue, a dedication to the town's beloved mascot who became a symbol of friendship. Retirees have plenty of options to enjoy the outdoors in Rockport, including lazy walking along hilly trails at Beech Hill Preserve or enjoying a laidback picnic with beautiful water views at Rockport Marine Park.

Seniors who prioritize healthy living can shop for organic groceries at Fresh off the Farm to prepare healthy meals. But when they feel like eating out, Offshore Restaurant serves delicious seafood worth savoring. Rockport is also known for its art scene, and the Rockport Opera House provides world-class stage performances in a beautiful setting, perfect for watching with family and friends. Finally, the median housing is slightly above reasonable at $624,500.


Boats Moored in Camden, Maine Harbor,
Boats Moored in Camden, Maine Harbor.

From a captivating historic district and breathtaking harbor views to a lively art scene and plenty of outdoor opportunities, Camden has it all. Retirees will need little convincing to invest their future in this lovable waterside location. Walking through the High Street Historic District takes you on a quaint journey to 19th-century Camden, revealing antique structures with beautiful old-world architecture. One of the most prominent stops in the neighborhood is the 1893 Camden Opera House, which continues to entertain audiences with a variety of moving live shows in a historic building.

Recreational opportunities abound at Camden Hills State Park, with offerings ranging from oceanside picnic areas, secluded hiking trails, and serene campgrounds to sweeping vistas of Penobscot Bay across its 5,700-acre expanse. With so much to see and do in Camden, homes are understandably pricey, with a median cost of about $742,500.


A streetside scene in Brunswick, Maine. Editorial credit: EQRoy /
A streetside scene in Brunswick, Maine. Image credit: EQRoy via Shutterstock.

Home to Bowdoin College, retirees not only access lifelong learning opportunities when they settle in Brunswick but also enjoy world-class attractions and various social amenities. This charismatic college town stands out for its historic charm, evident from the cluster of historical sites across its territory. Seniors can take advantage of insightful retro experiences by visiting treasures like the Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum and the Pejepscot History Center.

The art scene is also abuzz, offering plenty of opportunities for visual and performance art enthusiasts. At the Bowdoin College of Art, pensioners can admire a comprehensive collection of amazing art pieces, whereas the Maine State Music Theater Pickard Theater offers them a chance to sit in a modern venue and enjoy moving theatrical performances. For outdoor lovers, Thomas Point Beach & Campground provides various recreational activities, including camping, swimming, and disc golfing. Finally, the median house listing price in Brunswick is $495,000.


Sunday River Covered Bridge, Bethel, Maine.
Sunday River Covered Bridge, Bethel, Maine.

Bethel's impressive balance between outdoor and indoor attractions promises retirees something to always keep them entertained, come rain or shine. This laidback Oxford County community hosts a selection of historical gems with an interesting tale about the town and the state. The Maine Mineral and Gem Museum is a great example, exhibiting a collection of gems, rocks, and minerals documenting the state's mineral heritage. Retirees will have a more immersive experience by walking along Bethel's Broad Street Historic District, with stops at prominent venues like the Museums of Bethel Historical Society.

For the outdoor inclined, Bethel boasts a rich network of nature spaces harboring endless recreational opportunities. You can enjoy hiking and mountain biking through forested routes at Inland Woods + Trails or take a scenic riverside walk along the Bethel Pathway. Finally, investing in a home costs an average of $735,000 in Bethel.


Caribou is the second largest city in Aroostook County, Maine, United States.
Caribou is the second largest city in Aroostook County, Maine, United States.

With a median housing value of about $244,500, Caribou offers a cheap route to retirement in Maine. This quaint community in Aroostook County has plenty to offer beyond low-cost living. It boasts a thriving tourist industry thanks to a diverse mix of attractions, including the Caribou Country Club. This is an excellent spot for retirees to enjoy a low-key game of golf. The town also hosts the Caribou Theater, which invites friends and families for an entertaining movie experience in a welcoming atmosphere at a price-friendly budget.

For some historical background to the town, incoming pensioners can head to the Caribou Historical Society and examine different artifacts chronicling the historical and cultural heritage of the region. Lastly, those who appreciate a healthy meal can find fresh produce and ingredients at Goughan's Berry Farm or Micmac Farms.


Aerial view of Eastport, Maine.
Aerial view of Eastport, Maine.

Despite housing a small population of just over 1,000, Eastport is jam-packed with attractions suited for senior citizens. This scenic archipelagic community encourages outdoor recreation thanks to Shackford Head State Park. Retirees can choose from various activities for fun in the great outdoors, from hiking and picnicking to nature watching. Alternatively, they can enjoy remarkable sailing tours courtesy of Eastport Windjammers, with a chance to spot awesome local wildlife like whales, dolphins, and bald eagles.

The local residents have a deep appreciation for arts as seen from the multiple galleries across the downtown area. Seniors will find an amazing collection of cultural pieces at Tides Inn & Museum of Art, with more beautiful works to explore at Eastport Breakwater Gallery. Finally, retirees do not need to break the bank to own a home in Eastport, as the median price is an affordable $284,000.

Whether you desire coastal ambiance, lakeside tranquility, or mountain escapades during your retirement in Maine, these beautiful towns across the state deliver a high quality of life enhanced by natural beauty in the United States. Their diverse amenities and services allow pensioners to age actively by encouraging healthy social engagement and the pursuit of recreation. Affordable housing further maintains financial security for peace of mind throughout their golden years. Choosing to settle in any of the highlighted communities promises new retirees an exciting new start with an opportunity to revel in Maine's grandeur for years to come.

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