Main street of Midway, Kentucky. Image credit: Alexey Stiop via Shutterstock

7 Senior-Friendly Towns in Kentucky

Known as the Bluegrass State, Kentucky's reputation of small towns separated by deep wilderness and held together by a strong sense of community precedes it. Recognized for its natural beauty, it only makes sense that there are plenty willing to move here and get away from it all. To many, the Bluegrass State is perfect for a permanent home or vacation destination, and perhaps its greatest strength is what it offers to retirees and seniors. So as proof of its merit, learn more about seven senior-friendly towns in Kentucky.

La Grange

Evening at La Grange, Kentucky
Evening at La Grange, Kentucky.

Named after the estate of the American Revolutionary hero Marquis de Lafayette, La Grange today has a median home listing price of around $400,000 (according to, and, as stated in the census, 12.4% of the population is over 65 years of age.

The town, however, is worth more than just statistics on a page. The surrounding area is enclosed by gorgeous cliffs, tall hills, deep woodlands, and clear lakes. Perhaps the most noted testament to this is the FRP LaGrange Quarry, “The Quarry,” as it's known to the locals. A 50+ feet deep swimming experience characterized by a relaxing view, clean waters, and a more mature vibe (The Quarry does not allow children).

For a much more rich and learned experience, La Grange's Oldham County Historical Center provides a much-needed interactive history lesson for not only the town but the entire county. Always hosting new and exciting events, the center is never one to remain stagnant. For seniors looking at a place both beautiful, learned, and committed, come to La Grange.


The historical Courthouse building in Cadiz, Kentucky.
The historical Courthouse building in Cadiz, Kentucky. Image credit Dcoetzee at English Wikipedia, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

With a population of just under 3,000 according to the 2020 census, Cadiz offers a median home listing price of under $300,000 and a lively population with a median age of 41. The seniors of Cadiz, however, still number many, allowing the town to gain a reputation for being a pleasant place of residency.

The other facet of the town is in its burgeoning cultural impulses in the arts and nature. The Janice Mason Art Museum wouldn't thrive without the small town's appreciative attitude towards the refined, quirky, and odd. With rotating exhibits year-round, the museum is never short on things to do. For outdoor lovers, however, the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area is nearby and has never failed to always provide what is demanded of it: crisp air and picturesque landscapes.


Historic Buildings in Maysville Kentucky
Historic buildings in Maysville, Kentucky.

Sitting on the famed Ohio River, Maysville has a golden duo of cheap median home listing prices ($169,000) and a much more mature and relaxed population with 20% older than 65.

Being a town of many qualities, Maysville seeks to preserve its historicity in the form of museums, galleries, and special landmarks. Places like the National Underground Railroad Museum capture the darker aspects of Americana culture, while the Kentucky Gateway Museum is more like an interactive library. If that does not appeal, Maysville does not skimp out on the natural environment either. The Cummins Nature Preserve is 110 acres of joy in the form of trails, lakes, and thickets whose sight heals the soul.


Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill on a sunny day in spring, Harrodsburg, Kentucky.
Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill on a sunny day in spring, Harrodsburg, Kentucky. Image credit Ken Schulze via Shutterstock

Hovering around $275,000 for the median home list price, Harrodsburg is a town filled with people from all walks of life. With just under 10% of individuals over the age of 65 in a town of 9,000, it's cemented itself as a town of substance, antiquity, and charm.

Ripe with antique malls and all things rustic, the top sights in Harrodsburg include Old Fort Harrod State Park (a replica of the 1774 fort built by James Harrod, a legendary pioneer and explorer), and Big Red Stables, a frontiersman dream farm of horseback riding, horseback training, flowering meadows, and hills.

Taking life a bit more relaxed, time in Harrodsburg seems to move by much more slowly. This enables seniors seeking a more quiet life the perfect opportunity to thrive.


Main street of Midway, Kentucky.
The main street of Midway, Kentucky. Image credit Alexey Stiop via Shutterstock

Despite Midway's housing costs being a bit on the pricey side ($635,000 is the average listing price), 13% of the town is over the age of 65, which often means it's a good indicator of entertainment, services, and peace ideal for seniors.

Not far from Lexington, Midway takes its nature much more seriously than its peers. With the stunning 374 acres of the surrounding Buckley Wildlife Sanctuary and the Equus Run Vineyards (that produces some of the finest wine in the state), Midway ensures that the land is taken care of, and education about it is taken as seriously as they feel about their flora and fauna.

Celebrating its bluegrass heritage, the small town of neighboring Versailles erected the Bluegrass Railroad Museum, a non-profit museum, and train that takes a scenic trip, all while giving a lesson on the area's bluegrass history.


Downtown street in Paris, Kentucky.
Downtown Paris, Kentucky. Image credit Spiritrock4u at the English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons

Coming in with a median listing home price of $375,000 and 16% of the population 65+, Paris, Kentucky, has managed to carve a name out for itself among seniors despite sharing it with many competitors.

It, first and foremost, is known for the Duncan Tavern, a jewel from the 1790s that was sadly set for demolition before being saved by the Kentucky Daughters. Today a venue for tours and events, the walls of the tavern have seen awful, beautiful, and redemptive days and hopefully stand for many more to come.

Equiphiles welcome, for Paris is also known for many farms that cater to and breed horses for racing and admiration. The biggest of which is likely Claiborne Farm, a farm that specializes in stallions and has done so for generations. Offering tours of their grounds and shops, if the spirit of Kentucky is divided into its individual towns, a large part of it resides in Paris.


Bridges across the Ohio River in Ashland, Kentucky.
Bridges across the Ohio River in Ashland, Kentucky.

Last but not least is Ashland, a town that blends both tradition and modernity. With a larger population of around 20,000, Ashland enjoys a listing home price of $145,000, much lower than the standard. Pair this with a healthy 20% of the population over 65 years, and Ashland is looking more like a less noisy town and more peaceful stay.

From museums (such as The Highlands Museum & Discovery Center) to a performing arts theater( the Paramount Arts Center), Ashland enjoys the amenities of a technological marvel but sacrifices very little for it. In that sense, the surrounding area of the rather large town is chock full of rolling hills, trees, and all that heals the body and soul with its sight. Ashland is committed to a peaceful time, and seniors will come to find that this is true.

Why These Towns?

Kentucky is one of those states known for its rural enjoyment, and not the standard state representative of large cities, pollution and sound. It's in this spirit that if seniors want to retire, get away for a vacation, or simply just live in peace without the noise of the city, Kentucky and all its underrated gems are there, waiting for the right person to come and enjoy.

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