The downtown strip in Cody. Image credit Steve Cukrov via Shutterstock

7 Most Underrated Cities In Wyoming

Wyoming is a state that is usually associated with its sweeping landscapes and breathtaking beauty. Located in the middle of the Great Plains, Wyoming is one of the most remote and tranquil places in the United States. Despite the prominent outdoor attractions available, Wyoming is still home to many underrated towns and cities. These destinations will not have the flashing lights of Las Vegas or New York but are still sure to make just as large of an impact.


Tepee Fountain in Hot Springs State Park, Thermopolis, Wyoming
The Hot Springs State Park, Thermopolis.

Taking its name from the Greek words thermos, and polis, the small "hot city" of Thermopolis punches well above its weight in terms of fun and quirky activities to do. Thermopolis is home to one of the largest mineral hot springs in the world. Visitors are able to go and visit the springs themselves in the nearby Hot Springs State Park or take a dip at the local bathhouse linked directly to them. Thermopolis is also a great place if you are wanting to take a look at the prehistoric past of the area. The best dinosaur museum in all of Wyoming is also found here.


A BNSF Railway loaded coal train climbs out of the Powder River Basin in Wyoming as storm clouds build on the horizon.
Douglas, Wyoming. Image credit Drew Halverson via Shutterstock

Douglas is a must-visit for anyone interested in trains and locomotives. The world-class train museum is a great way to kill an afternoon and guarantees endless engagement regardless if you are an enthusiast or not. Outside of the train museum, you will find one of the world's largest jackalope statues. As far as cryptids and other mythological animals go, the antlered rabbit is certainly one of the most bizarre. Perhaps if you are lucky enough you will be one of the first people are earth to capture photo or video evidence of these elusive creatures.


Sign and office for the Black Bear Inn, a small motel in downtown Dubois Wyoming
Black Bear Inn, a small motel in downtown Dubois Wyoming. Image credit melissamn via Shutterstock

A town stuck in time, many parts of Dubois could serve as the backdrop to a movie about the Wild West. Old saloons and log buildings are not uncommon sights. This remote town is a great destination to go to if you are looking to take a trip into the nearby wilderness. Especially Yellowstone Park.

If you do visit this remote town make sure you do not pronounce the town name correctly. Originally called Tibo, the name Dubois was given to this town by the post office in the early years of the town's history. Seen as a sign of disrespect by the locals, the residents of this town have been purposefully calling it "dew-boys" ever since.


Old Town Village in Cody Wyoming.
Old Town Village in Cody Wyoming.

Founded by none other than the Wild West showman Buffalo Bill, the town of Cody still retains much of what the great entertainer saw in the area more than 100 years ago. Today Cody is best known for its close proximity to Yellowstone National Park.

If Yellowstone is not to your liking there is still plenty to do in Cody itself. The downtown of this small city serves as a great place to visit for a night out with friends and family. Cody boasts plenty of outstanding bars and restaurants on its main strip. Since all are within walking distance of one another, this is a great place to taste good food and meet the friendly locals.


Aerial view of Museum of Flight and Aerial Firefighting.
The Museum of Flight outside of Greybull.

Situated a few miles east of Cody lies the small city of Greybull. Best known for its robust Museum of Flight, Greybull has long been a Mecca for airplane enthusiasts around the United States. Planes and helicopters of all eras are all on full display. Guided tours run all throughout the day in which visitors can see countless aircraft from the past up close and personal; both military and civilian.

As grand as the museum is, it is not open all year round. The museum closes on October 1st and opens back up again around the middle of May each year. This is largely due to the heavy snowfall and cold weather in Wyoming.


Historic Victorian Wolf Hotel in downtown Saratoga
The historic downtown of Saratoga. Image credit Georgia Evans via Shutterstock

Built right along the shores of the North Platte River, Saratoga is a great place to visit if you are into fishing and beer. The North Platte River is a fantastic locale to catch the various species of fish that travel up and down its current every year. If you have never fished out of a kayak before then this is the place to do so.

Saratoga is also a microbrewery hotspot. Every August thousands of people attend the annual Steinley Cup microbrew competition. At this festival, attendees are able to try out as many unique beer as they can. Just try not to go overboard.


A statue commemorating the Sundance Kid.
Statue of the Sundance Kid. Image credit Logan Bush via Shutterstock

Famous for being one of the hangout spots of the Wild Bunch Gang run by none other than Butch Cassidy, Sundance has some of the richest connections to the Old West than any other town in the nation. The Sundance Kid, one of the members of the Wild Bunch got his name for stealing a horse and was then jailed in the town. Today you can explore this history in the many moments and museums that dot Sundance.

If you want a deeper connection with the old west that goes deeper than a few statues and exhibits then there are plenty of horseriding trails that surround the area outside of Sundance. This a great way to get an appreciation of Wyoming's vast wilderness.

The towns and cities of Wyoming are far from being the bustling metropolis of other states but that does not mean they are not worth your time or attention. It is often the most unassuming place that has the most to offer. If you ever have the chance to visit the beautiful state of Wyoming make sure to take a look at some of these cities. You might just find your new favorite vacation spot.

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