Main Street in Lake Placid, New York. Image credit Karlsson Photo via Shutterstock

7 Best Small Towns In The Adirondack Mountains For Retirees

Retirement is something to be proud of. You've worked your life to get to this point. It's important to pick the right place to settle down and start the next chapter of your life. If you are looking to be in New York but don't want the hustle and bustle of city life, the Adirondack Mountains might be the place for you. These beautiful mountains are in the northeastern part of New York. You can find over 200 lakes in these mountains, including Lake George, Lake Tear of the Clouds, and Lake Placid. Inside this beautiful mountain range are some of the loveliest small towns you could ever want to retire.

Lake Placid

Autumn in Lake Placid, New York, waterfront homes
Autumn colors in Lake Placid, New York.

Lake Placid is known for having some of the best views. Home to 2,200 people, this town was one of the hosts of the Winter Olympics in 1932 and 1980. 25% of the population is above the age of 60, and the average home price is $739,000. You'll be able to easily stay active and in shape thanks to hiking at places like Mount Jo and Mirror Lake. Whenever your grandkids come to visit, make sure to take them to the Herb Brooks Arena to skate and play around.

Saranac Lake

Main Street in village of Saranac Lake in Adirondack Mountains, New York,
Main Street in Saranac Lake, New York. Image credit Wangkun Jia via Shutterstock

Saranac Lake has tons of family-friendly options if you want to make sure your kids and grandkids will have fun. You can visit the Robert Louis Stevenson Cottage and Museum or the Saranac Laboratory Museum if you want to learn about scientific research that's taken place at the laboratory. After that, you can head to the Pendragon Theater and enjoy great performances during the summer months. Saranac Lake is one of the safest places in the United States, with only 13 crimes happening per every thousand people. You can also purchase property here for an affordable price since the average home is only $315,000.

Lake George

Large boat on Lake George in New York.
Lake George in New York.

Both summers and winters in Lake George are simply magical. The Adirondack Winery is a marvelous place to have a date night in the town. If you're in the mood for local refreshments, the Lake George Distilling Company offers countless homemade spiked lemonade, rye whiskey, and wine. Prospect Mountain offers some of the most amazing views in the state. At the top of the mountain, you'll be at the best place to look out onto Lake George Lake. Over 30% of the population in Lake George is over the age of 60, so you will be among like-minded individuals. Homes are also around $500,000, so you can get in for a reasonable rate.

Tupper Lake

A Foggy Autumn Morning On Tupper Lake, Adirondack Mountains, New York
Tupper Lake, Adirondack Mountains, New York.

If you want a place where you'll never get bored, Tupper Lake is perfect for you. You can rent kayaks from Raquette River Outfitters to sail around the Raquette and Simon Ponds. Whenever your children and grandchildren come, you can bring them to Tupper Lake Golf Club and spend quality time together playing golf. If your family prefers spending time indoors, visit Lakeview Lanes for great bowling. The average home price in Tupper Lake is around $179,000, so buying a home is affordable. Tupper Lake is also home to about 30% of people over 60, so it'll be easy to make friends with those the same age.


Aerial view of Fort Ticonderoga on Lake George in upstate New York.
Fort Ticonderoga on Lake George in upstate New York.

One scenic town in New York with more history than most is Ticonderoga. If you are a movie buff, you'll love The Star Trek Original Series Set Tour, available to those who loved the old television show and movie. In addition, Mt. Defiance is a great locale to stay in shape and look at the neat military buildings combined with the beautiful Adirondack landscape. Should the grandkids visit you, you can bring them to Black Point Beach to splash and play around all day. Ticonderoga is one of the safest places to live, as the crime rates here are 40% lower than the national average. Over 30% of the population is above 60, and everyone is eager to make the most of their golden years.

Old Forge

Old Forge, New York: Wide Horizontal View of the Basin Stream of the Water Safari Park with People Swimming.
Old Forge, New York, Water Safari Park. Image credit Mahmoud Suhail via

The Adirondack Mountain towns love their local breweries. This makes it fun to feel like you're getting to try new drinks all the time. Old Forge is home to Fulton Chain Craft Brewery, where you can go and enjoy different beer tastings. The Moose River Farm is a cool place to bring your grandkids to where they can pet and play with llamas. There is also the Enchanted Forest Water Safari, a water park for all ages. The town itself is very small, with only 600 people living there. Of those residents, 38% are above 60. It is an exclusive town, as the average home is sold for $830,000, but you will feel like it is money well spent.

Schroon Lake

People in the water at Schroon Lake town Beach, New York.
Schroon Lake town Beach, New York.

There are countless reasons to move to Schroon Lake, a small community of just under 2,000 people. Just over 25% of the population is over the age of 60, meaning others also think it's an ideal retirement town. The Schroon Lake Town Beach is the most relaxing destination to bring a chair and lounge during the day. You can also go to the Strand Theater and enjoy a new film, especially during the cold winter. The Spectacle Pond Trailhead is a great way to stay in shape, thanks to its easy hiking trail. Homes also sit at an affordable price, around $200,000.

The Adirondack Mountains are truly some of the most amazing in the United States. If you need to hop on a quick flight, you're close to Albany, with access to anywhere you might need to get to. The seasons in these mountains are second to none, and it is a very family-friendly place to live. If you want to start the next part of your life, these towns are the ideal destinations.

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