View from the sidewalk, looking at a colorful store adorned with flowers on Main Street in Fredericksburg, Texas, USA, known as "The Magic Mile." Editorial credit: ShengYing Lin /

6 Towns in Texas that Are Ideal for Seniors

Texas has been a hot topic for several consecutive years, from the relocation of public and celebrity figures to the influx of new graduates seeking employment. Thousands of new residents flock to Texas annually for its income-tax exemption, predominantly conservative residents, and perfect retirement communities. From the Geman heritage of Fredericksburg to the Cowboy Capital of the world, one shared characteristic of the best Texas towns is their relaxing, uncrowded atmospheres. Read along with the unveiling of 6 Towns in Texas that are Ideal for Seniors, each differentiated with distinctive elements of untouched nature, friendly communities, and historic landmarks. 


Small shops at Wimberley Square in Wimberley, Texas, USA.

Small shops at Wimberley Square in Wimberley, Texas, USA. Editorial credit: Roberto Galan /

A nature-rich town where the Blanco River meets Cypress Creek, the small Texas Hill county town stands out primarily for its swimming holes near Blue Hole Regional Park and Jacob’s Well Natural Area. From its abundance of nature and tree species to being a showroom for Texan art, Wimberly defines laid-back living without lacking a sense of entertaining community engagement and being overly secluded. Over 50% of the town's residents exceed the age of 45, crime rates are meager in the area, and better yet, Wimberly is just a 40-mile drive to the capital city of Austin. The Wimberly Senior Center goes above and beyond with activities and entertainment, hosting a range of clubs and activities for all interests, including line dancing classes and tai Chi Lessons, and granting tailored services like transportation for shopping needs, medical appointments, and more. Call-in medical attention is upon demand in Wimberly with services from Angels for Elders, nearby Massage therapy facilities, and CommuniCare Health Centers in South River Center. Although living costs in Wimberly were proven to be 30% above the national average, these price hikes are justifiable once one considers that Texans do not pay income tax, the natural beauty of the area, and its proximity to Austin.


Aerial View of Bastrop, Texas.
Aerial View of Bastrop, Texas.

Another retirement town in Texas approximating major cities, Bastrop, sits 33 miles from Austin and 133 miles from Huston. Although this town is nothing shy of natural beauty with its Bastrop State Park, Colorado River, and many other notable attractions, Bastrop mainly stands out for being one of Texas’ most historic towns with a settlement history that dates back to 1832. The Colorado River Bridge, Bastrop Opera House, First National Bank, and Bastrop County Jail are a few of the town’s historically significant buildings. This ideal small Texas town to retire in is built around small business support, community art events, and outdoor recreation activities and tours. Spend your relaxing years embracing the slow life fishing at North Shore Park and South Shore Park and hiking along the scenic Colorado River when you relocate to Bastrop. In addition to the welcoming locals and their ever-long efforts to help their town thrive, some of Bastrop's most notable community events include the Patriotic Festival, Homecoming & Rodeo, and the annual Veterans' Day Car Show. In one of the more affordable city-side small towns, a single person would need an average yearly income of $45,600 to live comfortably in Bastrop, with the typical home price being $435,000, according to the 2023 housing market. 


Childress County Courthouse in Childress, Texas, USA, under a clear blue sky.

Childress County Courthouse in Childress, Texas, USA, under a clear blue sky. Editorial credit: xradiophotog /

Not all seniors and retirees are after the cozy small-town feeling and a lively community; some prefer countryside living, and an agricultural setting, and nothing says agriculture better than the gateway community to the Texas panhandle. This small town’s beauty lies in its wheat, sorghum, and peanut fields. In addition to the mass production of beans and crops in the area, Childress is also land to many livestock farms, allowing newcomers to live the ruler lifestyle to its finest. In 2021, Childress enjoyed a population estimate of 5,844, and due to the small population and agricultural focus, the town has fewer senior care programs and facilities than others on this list; some of its most notable facilities include the Childress Busy Beavers, which strives to strengthen the sense of community among elders of the area. While no estimates on the average price of a private farm could be found, peaceful, secluded homes in the area are listed for a median price of $197,000, with annual expenses of roughly $33,448, according to 24/7 Wall St. reports. 


Main Street in Fredericksburg, Texas, USA, known as "The Magic Mile," featuring retail stores and people walking
Main Street in Fredericksburg, Texas, USA, known as "The Magic Mile." Editorial credit: ShengYing Lin /

Elaborating upon agricultural communities in Texas is Fredericksburg, a town that offers a balanced medium of every aspect that makes Texas one of the best states for retirees and seniors. The marvel of this small town lies in its German Heritage of early settlers, city parks, likable nature preserves, and strengthened sense of community. Cross Mounti Nature Preserve, overlooking the city, has some of the best fall foliage and sunset sceneries. At the same time, Fredericksburg Nature Center allows for overnight camping and group picnics with a range of wildflowers and extensive lush lands. Browse the Hill Country Herb Garden a few blocks from Fredricksburg’s main street, spend some time in the fields peach picking at farms like Jenschke Orchards or zoning out into the colorful acres of flowers at Wildseed farms, and frequent the Japanese Garden Of Peace when relocating to this Fredericksburg. Historic educational centers are another essential element of the town’s residential appeal, with some of the most notable places being the National Museum of the Pacific War, Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park, the Sauer-Beckmann Living History Farm, and Fort Martin Scott. Thanks to the abundance of various appeals to all ages, Fredericksburg is slightly more expensive than other small towns in Texas, with average home prices of 540,685 according to Zilliow’s housing market of 2023. 


Cowboys and cowgirls celebrating Mardi Gras in Bandera, Texas.

Cowboys and cowgirls celebrating Mardi Gras in Bandera, Texas. Editorial Credit: By Soham Banerjee -, CC BY 2.0,

One of the most affordable and relaxing towns on the list of Texas Towns ideal for seniors, Bandera is a rugged rural community known as the Cowboy Capital Of The World. The town played significant importance in the cattle industry in the 1800s, but it stands out today as one of the best places to retire, thanks to the low cost of living and assisted care options, and senior communities. Bandera City Park, located downtown; Joshua Springs Park and Preserve, located northeast of Boerne; and Hill Country State Natural Area and its rugged canyons are a few of the nearby natural attractions to embrace when relocating to Bandera. Silver Sage Senior Center, Cedar Creek Nursing, Bandera Nursing, central Innovative Urgent Care, and Bandera Medical Clinic offer all the attentive care seniors might need to account for before moving. Borene, just 24 mi from the rugged Cow Boy Capital, adds to the town's appeal with more senior care programs and assisted living communities. Living costs in Bandera are 17% less than the national average, while housing prices range from $280,000 to $344,387, a whopping 21% less than the American national average. 


Old historic railway bridge in Jefferson, Texas, USA.

An old historic railway bridge in Jefferson, Texas, USA. 

Despite being recognized as one of the most haunted towns in America, Jefferson is known to be the 5th oldest city in Texas. It is home to architecture with historical significance, like the Jefferson General Store, Jefferson Carnegie Library, and over 100 other unique landmarks of the Victorian, early twentieth-century, and antebellum structures. From religious study and debate groups to Veteran clubs, to public community events like the annual Candlelight Market, historic home tours throughout the year, and the annual Mardi Gras are some of the town’s most popular activities and events. Situated on the banks of the Big Cypress Bayou, this small town’s peaceful element of aqua-centric atmospheres, untouched landscapes, and historic attractions make Jefferson an ideal home. Jefferson Historical Society and Museum, Scarlett O’Hardy’s Gone With the Wind Museum, and the Lafayette Street Vintage Car Museum are a few attractions to gain a well-rounded sense of the town. A single adult living in Jefferson should expect to spend roughly 38,433 annually, while the median price of homes in the area is approximately $116,100, qualifying the historic city to be one of the most affordable on this list of best towns for seniors.

Discover Your Ideal Texan Retreat

From the nature-rich Wimberley to the historically rich Bastrop, the agricultural haven of Childress to the culturally infused Fredericksburg, Texas, caters to all preferences and appeals. With its blend of urban amenities and rural tranquility, Texas is a versatile and welcoming haven for seniors looking to embrace a fulfilling retirement lifestyle.

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