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10 Small Towns in Northern California to Visit for a Weekend Getaway

The northern half of California, often referred to as the Golden State, is one of the most diverse regions in the country. From the Sierra Nevada mountains and Pacific Coast to the renowned wine country, it serves as an excellent destination for adventurers eager to explore the state. Scattered throughout Northern California are several small towns, each offering a unique way to experience the region's beauty.

Each town has its own distinct personality and an array of local attractions, ensuring a memorable overnight stay. Whether you're a foodie, history buff, nature lover, or cultural connoisseur, these towns boast a mix of stunning natural scenery, iconic historical landmarks, and exciting outdoor adventures. If you're planning a fun-filled weekend on the West Coast, consider visiting some of the best towns in Northern California for an unforgettable getaway.


A historic building in Jamestown, California.
A historic building in Jamestown, California. Editorial credit: travelview /

Jamestown's charm stems from a blend of attractions suited for all types of travelers. This historic community in Tuolumne County originated during the Gold Rush era and features several iconic landmarks from that time. A prime example is Railtown 1897 State Historic Park, which preserves the heart of the original Sierra Railway of California. Its steam-powered locomotive still operates, having been in service since the 1890s.

You can also immerse yourself in Jamestown's gold mining history at California Gold Panning. This site offers an authentic placer gold mining experience, where you might strike gold while enjoying the process. Be prepared to get a little dirty and muddy. For outdoor enthusiasts, the Red Hills Recreational Management Area offers over 17 miles of nature trails across its 7,000-acre expanse, where you might spot bald eagles. To conclude your visit, consider staying at the historic National Hotel & Restaurant, an original Gold Rush-era hotel.


The small coastal town of Mendocino, California, is a popular getaway for Bay Area residents.
The small coastal town of Mendocino, California, is a popular getaway for Bay Area residents.

Mendocino, an ideal retreat from city life, is located on the rugged coast of Northern California and impresses visitors with its picturesque outdoors. This small village, with fewer than 1,000 residents, allows for a comfortable exploration of its attractions. Mendocino Headlands State Park is a diverse gem, featuring a rugged coastline with scenic trails, secluded beaches, seaside bluffs, and breathtaking water views. Additional outdoor adventures await at Russian Gulch State Park, which includes 15 miles of hiking trails through dense forest.

After a day of exploring, relax at the quaint Mendocino Theater Company with a live performance, or visit the Mendocino Art Center to view inspiring art pieces. When it's time to rest, Inns of Mendocino offers a satisfying accommodation experience.


The City Center of Sonoma, California unfolds into the Hills as seen from the Sonoma Overlook Trail
The City Center of Sonoma, California unfolds into the Hills as seen from the Sonoma Overlook Trail

This historic city, nestled in the heart of the renowned Sonoma Valley, is celebrated for its rich winemaking heritage. It is distinguished by its numerous wineries, art galleries, and colonial-era treasures, including Sonoma Plaza. The expansive complex, constructed in 1835 by the city’s founder, Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, offers some of the best food and wine in the state. Another notable destination is Sonoma State Historic Park, which houses several landmarks such as Sonoma Barracks, Mission San Francisco Solano, Blue Wing Inn, and the Toscano Hotel, which provides accommodations. Sonoma’s outdoor spaces are equally impressive, with the Sonoma Overlook Trail offering a 3-mile journey through lush grasslands and meadows, leading to panoramic views of the Sonoma Valley. Additionally, Buena Vista Winery, a landmark in the local wine scene, invites visitors to sample some of its finest selections.


Street in Ferndale, California.
Street in Ferndale, California. Image credit mikluha_maklai via Shutterstock

Ferndale, one of California's best-preserved Victorian villages, enchants tourists with its small-town ambiance and Victorian architecture. A leisurely stroll through the relaxed town center reveals numerous historic buildings dating back to the 1800s, now hosting various businesses. The Ferndale Museum, ideal for history enthusiasts, showcases a collection of artifacts from the California Gold Rush era, including a Bosch-Omori seismograph. The Gingerbread Mansion Inn, another historic building offering quaint lodging, was constructed in the 1890s.

For those seeking off-the-beaten-path adventures, the Lost Coast awaits. This remote, rugged shoreline north of the town offers a tranquil atmosphere and spectacular sea views, perfect for hiking and meditation. Additionally, the Kinetic Grand Championship, a longstanding local tradition, features a unique 50-mile race traversing road, mud, water, and sand, and is a highlight of the town.


Main Street in Mariposa, California.
Main Street in Mariposa, California.

Mariposa, a picturesque historic town and the seat of Mariposa County, is renowned as a gateway to the famous Yosemite National Park. A walk through its pedestrian-friendly downtown reveals the area’s rich history through its period architecture and various historical landmarks. The Mariposa Museum & History Center and the California State Mining and Mineral Museum offer insights into the region's past.

The countryside around Mariposa is adorned with lush forests, rolling hills, and winding rivers. Several tranquil spots, such as Mariposa Parks & Recreation, provide ideal settings for relaxation and enjoying the serene environment. When hunger strikes, the Charles Street Dinner House offers delicious steaks and seafood. For accommodation, Mariposa Lodge, situated in the town center, features rustic décor and a peaceful garden area.

Sutter Creek

Main Street in Sutter Creek, California
Main Street in Sutter Creek, California. Editorial credit: Michael Vi /

Sutter Creek, Northern California's best-hidden gem, is home to fewer than 3,000 residents. This picturesque village in Gold Country is often referred to as the "Jewel of the Motherlode" and is renowned for its Main Street, lined with 19th-century buildings. Notable venues to explore include the Knight Foundry, an 1873 water-powered foundry and the last of its kind in America. Another charming stop is the Sutter Creek Theater, where you can enjoy live performances featuring jazz, blues, and folk music.

The surrounding Sierra Nevada foothills provide a scenic backdrop to the town, and several wineries and tasting rooms dot the landscape of Sutter Creek. Bella Grace Vineyards is an excellent choice for tasting award-winning wines in a relaxed atmosphere with stunning views of the Sierra Nevada. For overnight accommodation, the Hanford House Inn offers a comfortable and satisfying experience.

Crescent City

Beautiful pottery at the Trading Co. Native Made Moccasins building in Crescent City, California
Beautiful pottery at the Trading Co. Native Made Moccasins building in Crescent City, California

For those seeking a coastal getaway, Crescent City ranks among the best small towns in Northern California to visit. This charming town offers a diverse mix of indoor and outdoor attractions, with Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park being a highlight. This expansive natural area features a lush rainforest with ancient redwoods and beautiful hiking trails. Crescent City, located along the Pacific Ocean shores, boasts breathtaking views of rugged coastlines and pristine beaches. A prime spot to take in the scenery is Battery Point Light, a landmark lighthouse designated as a California Historical Landmark.

Marine enthusiasts will find Ocean World, an impressive aquarium, offering family-friendly entertainment. The facility, containing nearly a million gallons of water, showcases fascinating marine species such as sea lions, sharks, and rays. After exploring all the top spots in the town, Oceanview Inn and Suites provides a comfortable setting for a good night's sleep.


Mainstreet in the historic town of Placerville
Mainstreet in the historic town of Placerville, via Laurens Hoddenbagh /

Placerville has undergone an impressive transformation over the years, evolving from a mining town into an agricultural hub and now flourishing as a vibrant tourist destination and wine region. Strolling through its historic downtown, you'll encounter landmarks like the Fountain-Tallman Museum, offering insights into Placerville’s Wild West past. Meanwhile, Gold Bug Park & Mine provides a glimpse into the area's gold mining heritage from the 1880s, featuring exciting audio tours that include an old blacksmith shop and gem panning.

The town’s numerous vineyards have established it as a prominent location on the wine map, renowned for producing high-quality wines. Various wineries offer the chance to taste their finest selections, including Boeger Winery and Lava Cap Winery. Later, consider staying at the Historic Cary House Hotel to immerse yourself in a legacy dating back to the 1850s.


Downtown Winters Historic District

Downtown Winters Historic District

Despite its name, Winters is a small, close-knit community exuding a warm personality, making tourists feel welcome. Its enchanting rural ambiance provides the perfect retreat for those seeking respite from urban life amidst tranquil natural surroundings. A prime spot for nature lovers is Winters Nature Park, nestled beneath the scenic Trestle Bridge. Here, you'll discover secluded walking trails along Putah Creek, offering wildlife encounters. For those interested in local history, the Winters Museum showcases exhibits that preserve the town’s heritage.

Additionally, combine your appreciation for farm-to-table cuisine with local craft beer at Berryessa Brewing Company, known for its family-friendly environment and outdoor seating. Finally, for an old-fashioned lodging experience, the Abbey House Inn is an excellent choice for an overnight stay.

St. Helena

Street view in St. Helena, California
Street view in St. Helena, California

St. Helena is a quaint neighborhood nestled amidst rolling vineyards, exuding a romantic atmosphere. Located in the Napa Valley, it boasts a rich wine-growing culture with picturesque wineries, including Beringer Vineyards, one of Napa Valley's oldest operating wineries. For outdoor enthusiasts, Jacob Meily Park offers cozy picnic areas, a playground, and a paved walking trail.

History buffs and literary aficionados can visit the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, dedicated to the celebrated author. The museum showcases the most extensive collection of Stevenson's works, providing insight into his life, family, and profound impact on literature. For a comfortable stay, consider the Vineyard Country Inn.

Final Thoughts

Northern California is a tapestry of natural beauty, historical treasures, and cultural marvels, often found beyond the big cities. For a truly memorable experience, explore its lesser-known locales. On your next NorCal road trip, consider stopping at these charming towns for a weekend getaway.

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