Why You Should Visit Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand

A sunset on Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand.
A sunset on Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand.

Ko Pha Ngan is one of the many islands in Southern Thailand. Tourists come to visit Ko Pha Ngan for the pristine beaches and island huts that allow visitors to wake up to the sounds of waves in the morning. There are many reasons why this island is a unique destination and should be on every traveler's list.

Full Moon Parties

Full Moon Parties occur every month on the night of the full moon and attract thousands of travelers to the revelry. The main celebrations occur on the southeastern part of the peninsula on Sunrise Beach. There is music and dancing all night long and it is the busiest time for the island. Once the festivities are over, most backpackers move on and do not stay to explore the island further. However, there are other interesting things about Ko Pha Ngan besides partying.

Than Sadet

Than Sadet is the national park on the island, named after the river that flows through it. The most popular attraction in the park is the waterfall, which happens to be the largest on the island. In a peaceful alcove surrounded by trees, this is a beautiful destination for a nature hike. Near the waterfall, the river empties into Than Sadet Bay which has one of the many beaches on the island.


Thailand is filled with temples and Ko Pha Ngan is no exception. Unlike Chiang Mai, the island does not overwhelm visitors with such an influx of temples that they all begin to look alike. The temples look enticing surrounded by the lush, tropical forest. Guanine Temple and Wat Khao Tham are both interesting sites. Wat Khao Tham is unique because it houses female monks and also holds meditation retreats.


There are many activities to partake in around the island such as cooking class, surfing, snorkeling, and even Muay Thai boxing lessons. The popular cooking studio is Phangan Thai Cooking Class where courses usually last about four hours and students get to take home what they made throughout the day. There are also several PADI certified scuba diving businesses for visitors who want to see the deeper depths of the island. One of the unique activities that the island has set up is The Challenge Phangan Waterpark. The park is based off of the TV show Wipe Out and has an array of obstacles to conquer. Visitors can purchase a day pass, which includes a kayak to get out onto the course, and then start the course which includes balance beams, monkey bars, and a rope swing all on the water.

Meditation and Yoga

Ko Pha Ngan has several yoga studios scattered throughout the island that offer retreats and training sessions where tourists can become certified yoga teachers. Students have the option of choosing a yoga center in a relaxing, secluded environment. For example, Blooming Lotus Yoga studio is situated in the rainforest above Haad Yuan Bay. Yoga classes are held on the beach below which results in an even more relaxing atmosphere as yogis can hear the ocean in the background. Other popular centers include The Sanctuary Thailand and Ananda Wellness Resort.


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