Which State is Kansas City In?

Kansas City is the largest city in the US state of Missouri.
Kansas City is the largest city in the US state of Missouri.

There has always been confusion as to where the Kansas City is located depending on the Kansas City one is referring to. There are two Kansas Cities in the United States; Kansas City in the state of Missouri and Kansas City in the state of Kansas. There have been controversies concerning the naming of the two cities. Most of the city area is in Missouri, and this is why the Kansas City in Missouri is more popular than the Kansas City in Kansas. It should not be mistaken that the Kansas City in Missouri straddles the borders into the next state. These are two different cities sharing the same border. The Kansas City metropolitan area is the one that straddles the Kansas-Missouri borders.

Kansas City in Missouri (KCMO)

It can be quite confusing to have Kansas City in Missouri, and not Missouri City considering that the name Kansas is for a different state. Kansas City is the largest city in Missouri and the central city of the Kansas City metropolitan area. The city is located at the border of Kansas and Missouri. Kansas City was founded in the 1830s. At the time of its founding, the city was primarily meant to serve as the port of the Missouri River. Kansas City is located in Jackson County. However, a small part of the city is in Platte, Cass, and Clay Counties. It covers an area of approximately 319 square miles, making it the 23rd largest city in the US. As of 2017, Kansas City has an estimated population of 488,943 people with the Whites forming the majority at 59% followed by Black Americans at 29%


Kansas City has the largest municipal government in the state. It has a council form of government with the mayor as the head of the city council. The city council also has 12 other members representing the districts. The elections are often held every fourth odd-numbered year with the next election planned for 2019.


The largest employer in Kansas City is the federal government. Over 146 federal agencies have their presence in the city. The city is also among the 10 regional office cities for the United States government. A large center for the Internal Revenue Services is maintained in Kansas City and is among the two only sites that process paper returns. Some of the largest companies operating in Kansas include Ford Motor Company which builds Ford F-150 at the Ford Kansas Assembly Plant, Sanofi-Aventis (one of US largest drug manufacturer, and Dairy Farmers of America (the largest dairy cooperative in the US).

Why Is Kansas City, Missouri More Popular?

Kansas City in Missouri is more popular than the Kansas City in Kansas. This is probably because of the numerous attractions in the city such as the World War I museum, Chiefs, Royals, Westport, Sprint Center, the Plaza, and a plethora of water fountains. These attractions have frequented headlines, making the city a preferred destination. Furthermore, KCMO was founded before the founding of Kansas City in Kansas State. At the time of its foundation, Kansas was not even a state, it was therefore not widely known.


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