Which Cities Have The Most Five Star Hotels?

The Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, built on its own artificial island, is known as the world's only 7-star hotel. Editorial credit: GagliardiImages / Shutterstock.com

Hotels exist all over the world, and they usually cost a small fortune for visitors. The cost of a hotel room is dependent on a lot of factors, including location, quality, and reputation. Hotels that are located close to the major cities or business centers of the world will naturally be more expensive than those located further away from the cities. The quality and ranking that the hotel has been given is also very important. Therefore, five-star hotels will be more expensive than hotels with a lower ranking. The third important factor is the reputation of the city and country that the hotel is situated.

Cities with the Most Five-Star Hotels

As of 2017, data shows that the city with the highest number of five-star hotels is London with a total of 75 five-star hotels. Following closely is Dubai with 61 while New York comes third with a total of 59. Paris (56) and Miami (46) close the top five. Other cities in the remaining five of the top ten include Los Angeles (39), Bangkok (33), Shanghai (33), Washington DC (32), and Rome (32). The top four cities, London, Dubai, New York, and Paris, each have almost twice as many five star hotels as the bottom cities. For example, London has at least twice as many five-star hotels as Rome, Washington DC, Shanghai, and Bangkok. However, when looking at the average pricing of the hotels, the story shifts dramatically.


The Grosvenor House Hotel, opened in 1929, remains one of the largest 5-star hotels in London with 494 rooms. The hotel is located in Mayfair, one of the most expensive and affluent areas of London. Mayfair has several luxury hotels in addition to Grosvenor House, including Claridge's, The Dorchester, The May Fair Hotel, and the Ritz Hotel of London. Many of London's 5-star hotels are fairly small, with a significant number having less than 100 rooms.


Countries such as Dubai do not have much competition from neighboring states for tourists. Consequently, anyone wishing to travel to the Middle East for a vacation will most likely go to Dubai due to the relative political stability. This lack of competition has helped Dubai’s economy grow rapidly. Dubai is home to 61 5-star hotels and boasted an occupancy rate of 86% in 2006. The Burj Al Arab hotel is known as the world's only 7-star hotel to boast of its impressive architecture and features. The smallest suite at the hotel is 1,820 sq ft while the largest is 8,400 sq ft. Ranking 12th in the listing of the world's most expensive hotel suits, the Royal Suite costs US$24,000 per night. Dubai had almost 10 million guests stay in its hotels in 2012.

New York

New York City is popular because of the extensive diversity that the city has in terms of cuisine, different cultures, entertainment, and other factors. Of the 59 5-star hotels in New York, 59 are in Midtown Manhattan, 15 in Lower Manhattan, and 12 in Times Square.

Average Five-Star Hotel Prices

As of January 2018, the US has two cities in the top ten of the cities with the most expensive hotels with New York ($306) and Washington ($282) being first and second respectively. The leading city in the number of five-star hotels, London, comes in at the fifth position with average prices of $217. Sydney ($240) and Tokyo ($220) come in third and fourth respectively. No other city in the top ten of the cities with most five-star hotels makes it in the top ten list of cities with most expensive hotels.

Which Cities Have The Most Five Star Hotels?

RankCityNumber of 5-Star Hotels
3New York59
6Los Angeles39
9Washington DC32

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