The Tallest Buildings In Italy

​Torre Unicredit (Milan)​, the tallest Italian building.
​Torre Unicredit (Milan)​, the tallest Italian building.

In most of the world’s cities, population has been rapidly increasing while land resource has not changed in size. This has made the demand for real estate reach unprecedented levels. Many architects say that the best and most efficient way of increasing a city’s real estate capacity is through building vertically and this has seen the rise of skyscrapers. The Italian cities of Turin and Milan have not been left out and have several skyscrapers that are among the tallest in Europe.

Torre Unicredit (Milan)

The Torre Unicredit (Unicredit Tower) is a skyscraper located in Milan. With a height reaching 758 feet, the Unicredit Tower is the tallest building in Italy and ranks 30th in European standards. The skyscraper is actually a complex of three towers which is a component of a seven-hectare development called the Porta Nuova Garibaldi. Construction of the tower commenced in 2009 and was designed by Cesar Pelli. It was opened to the public in 2012. The tower is owned by Italian bank, UniCredit which is the nation’s largest bank and houses its headquarters. The tower consists of 31 floors with a 210,000 square foot floor area and also houses restaurants with spectacular views of the city below.

City Life II Dritto (Milan)

City Life is a real estate development resting on an area of 36 hectares in the Italian city of Milan. Located in the development is the second tallest tower in Italy called the II Dritto alias the Allianz Tower. Rising 686 feet, the tower comprises of 50 floors. Construction of the tower began in 2012 and was designed by two architects; Arata Isozaki from Japan and Andrea Maffei from Italy and was opened in 2015. The tower is currently used as the headquarters of the Italian company, the Allianz Group.

Piedmont Region Headquarters (Turin)

The Piedmont Region Headquarters is a skyscraper located in the city of Turin, Italy and is the tallest building in the city. The 42-floor building has a height of 686 feet and is used as the headquarters of the Turin region and is owned by the regional government of Piedmont.

Torre Intesa Sanpaolo (Turin)

The Torre Intesa Sanpaolo is a skyscraper located in Turin and is the third tallest in Turin. The skyscraper with a height of 548 feet consists of 39 floors and is the headquarters of Intesa Sanpaolo banking group of companies. The Torre Intesa Sanpaolo was constructed in 2011 at the cost of over $200 million and was opened in 2014. The top floor has a roof garden and a restaurant which provides a paranorma view of the city.

Generali Tower (Milan)

The Generali Tower, also known as Lo Storto is a skyscraper still under construction in the city of Milan. The tower which stands out due to its twisted structure will attain a height of 607 feet when complete and will have a 67,000 square feet floor area. The Generali Tower was designed by English architect, Zaha Hadid and will house the headquarters of the insurance group, Assicurazioni Generali which is the largest insurance group in the country.

Which Are The Tallest Buildings In Italy?

RankNameCityHeight (ft)Year built
1Torre UnicreditMilan7582011
2Allianz Tower Milan6862015
3Grattacielo della Regione PiemonteTurin6862015
4Generali Tower Milan628 2016
5Torre Intesa SanpaoloTurin5482013
6Palazzo LombardiaMilan5282010
7Torre SolariaMilan4692013
8Torre DiamanteMilan4592012
9Torre Telecom ItaliaNaples4231995
10Torre PontinaLatina4192010

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